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Housing Market Update Friday July 31 with AmeriFirst Home Mortgage

Posted by Dan Moyle on Fri, Jul 31, 2015


How are home prices looking in today's housing market? They're up ... but how high? Let's take a look.

Welcome to your Housing Market Update for real estate agents, with AmeriFirst Home Mortgage. I’m your host Dan Moyle and today is Friday, July 31st. This week in housing… The “Chart of the Week” from the Mortgage Bankers Association – or MBA. According to the research team at MBA, home prices have recovered to pre-recession levels on a national scale. While pockets of stress still exist, this is a great story for housing.

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7 "Go Green" Home Decorating Ideas to Check

Posted by Dan Moyle on Thu, Jul 30, 2015

With sustainability trend being on the rise it seems like everyone is going green nowadays. All from everyday habits to decorating a home, we’ve been beaten down with phrases like sustainable, renewable and carbon footprints.  

If you happen to plan on redecorating and you’re interested in saving the planet, you might as well start by implementing green ideas in your home. These will save you money, too. Here are 7 ideas to decorate your home in an eco-friendly manner.

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Refinance and Renovate | A Welcome Home Story with AmeriFirst Home Mortgage

Posted by Dan Moyle on Wed, Jul 29, 2015

An old kitchen. Electrical problems. Plumbing issues. A shell of a house. What if you had a home that needed work, but you didn't have the money up-front to pay for it? 

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Renovation Financing 101 for Louisville Area Realtors

Posted by Joe Daly on Tue, Jul 28, 2015

Renovation Financing CE Course

We're big believers in education. It's why we offer so much great content on our website in the AmeriFirst Learning Center. It's also why I travel state to state offering continuing education courses for Realtor Associations. 

We have another round of education coming soon ... this time in Louisville, Kentucky. See the details below!

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6 Reasons Why You Might Refinance Your Mortgage with AmeriFirst Home Mortgage

Posted by Crystal J Smith on Tue, Jul 28, 2015

As a homeowner, you may have given a passing thought to refinancing, or maybe it hasn’t even crossed your radar. But, you may be curious to know – it just might be the right time to think about refinancing. Hi, I’m Crystal Smith with AmeriFirst Home Mortgage. Here we will go over 6 reasons why you might consider refinancing your home mortgage loan.

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What to Look for in a Reputable HVAC Service Company

Posted by Dan Moyle on Mon, Jul 27, 2015

The only time most homeowners think about their HVAC is when it breaks down. At that point, they’re scrambling to get service and it doesn’t always cheap. Here’s how to find a service provider in advance before you’re in an emergency situation. 

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Housing Market Update Friday July 24 with AmeriFirst Home Mortgage

Posted by Dan Moyle on Fri, Jul 24, 2015

It's a hot housing market right now, complete with bidding wars. But if a relatively large portion of offers fall through, what does that mean for hopeful home buyers getting "beat out" at the bargaining table? We explore that and more in today's housing market update for real estate agents. 

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