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Housing Market Friday Update Friday January 30 with AmeriFirst Home Mortgage

Posted by Dan Moyle on Fri, Jan 30, 2015

Housing Market Friday Update

Will the Millennial Generation ever buy homes? Is renting the future of America? What is the real answer to "rent vs buy?" We take a look at this in today's episode of Housing Market Update.

Welcome to your Housing Market Update with AmeriFirst Home Mortgage. I’m your host Dan Moyle. Today is Friday, January 30th. This week in housing… an interesting article from “MarketWatch.” The $700,000 mistake nearly 6 in 10 millennials may make. What’s especially interesting about this article, is that it’s not a lender or real estate agent trying to sell Millennials on buying a home. Let’s be honest… We’re all a little guilty of trumpeting the “it’s a great time to buy” song from time to time.

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DIY Home Decor: How HGTV is Affecting the Housing Market

Posted by Dan Moyle on Thu, Jan 29, 2015

We live in an instant-gratification society. We want what we want, and we want it now. Some of this is simply human nature. Some of the fault for this lies at the feet of our mass media. We're trained to think a complicated murder investigation can be solved and prosecuted in an hour TV show. Such is the case when it comes to all things home related.

Thanks to networks like the DIY Network and HGTV, we have become accustomed to seeing home renovations wrapped up in a single episode, by homeowners just like you and me. However, that's not how real life works. In real life, remodeling projects take time and a lot of work. Sometimes, they even take the work of a professional!

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5 Simple Upgrades to Help Your Home Appeal to Renters

Posted by Dan Moyle on Wed, Jan 28, 2015

When it comes to attracting reliable new tenants to lease your rental property, you have to think like a renter. For those who have champagne taste but a beer budget, there are plenty of budget-friendly upgrades that can make your place stand out from the crowd. Here are a few home improvement projects that can help you attract new tenants right away:

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5 Green Home Improvements that help to Conserve Water at Home

Posted by Jill Perney on Wed, Jan 28, 2015

With the continued drought in the Western United States, and general ecology becoming more and more necessary every day, here are 5 quick green home improvements that will not only conserve water at home, but lower your water bills!

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5 Ways to Calculate a Home Value

Posted by Jill Perney on Tue, Jan 27, 2015

As a first time home buyer, you’re about to learn that your potential first home will be valued and evaluated by a slew of professionals, each of which will assign another dollar value to your home. So what on earth do all these home values mean? Some of them will cost you money to find out, and others will just be given to you. Here’s how to sort out the differences.

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I Made the House My Home | A Renovation Mortgage Story

Posted by Dan Moyle on Mon, Jan 26, 2015

No matter if it's your first house or you're making a life-change, buying a house often means you're buying someone else's house. The goal of course, is to make it your home. One option for this is a renovation mortgage. You can combine the cost of the purchase and the remodeling into one mortgage. One home buyer we talked to did just that. And now she says she loves her home!

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7 Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Their First Home

Posted by Dan Moyle on Mon, Jan 26, 2015

Ever tried to search for what the best investment options for your money are? Real estate is one of those that can never miss from this list. It is one of the most profitable and useful investments in the whole world, even in the poorest economies. With an increase in the need for rental and personal settlements by the ever growing population, real estate has become one of the most admirable investments in the universe.

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