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Do you want to make energy efficient upgrades to your house to save on your monthly utility bills? You could even get closing costs paid (an average of about $2,000) on the mortgage!

The PowerSaver Grant from FHA can help home buyers and homeowners make eligible energy-efficient upgrades to a house, and qualify for closing costs to get paid by AmeriFirst Home Mortgage. This buyer's guide walks you through the process, so you can decide whether the PowerSave Grant is right for you

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First Home Damages: How to Identify and Prevent Them

First Home Damages How to Identify and Prevent Them

Property damage accounted for nearly 80 percent of the claims filed by more than seven percent of U.S. homeowners in 2012. If you are looking to purchase a property, educating yourself about the leading causes of home damage is imperative. Home damage and property destruction can be extremely expensive for a homeowner or potential buyer, and can befall a property in many ways. By knowing which incidents are the most damaging, recognizing properties that are at risk and understanding preventive practices, you can better determine and deter risks in your first home.

10 Quick-Witted DIY Home Decor Hacks You Can Do In a Weekend

10 Quick Witted DIY Home Decor Hacks You Can Do In a Weekend 01

Getting your own home is one of the hallmarks of independence, so congratulate yourself. Still, you must admit that giving your home a little bit more love can’t hurt. And what do you need to pull off that timeless home design you've been eyeing? Just one weekend. Don't believe it? You'd be surprised to learn how little you have to do to upgrade your precious home. It's just a matter of being smart about every move and you'll be well on your way to a classy home design in no time.

What Are the Benefits to Homeowners Insurance?

Why do I need homeowners insurance

Home buyers and new homeowners have a lot of question. Many times, we go to the search engines and look up what we're looking for, like "Why do I need homeowners insurance," or "What are the benefits to homeowners insurance?" We thought it would be a good idea to answer these questions in today's 60 Second Mortgage Tip.

How to Clean Your Special Rug

How to Clean Your Special Rug 1

Expensive Persian and Oriental rugs need special care and attention. As in the case of all carpets, rugs too attract dust, dirt and grime. Rugs require more sophisticated and specialized care as compared to nylon and olefin carpets.

Simple Tips to Give Your Kitchen a Facelift and Improve Its Value

Simple Tips To Give Your Kitchen A Face lift And Improve Its Value

Kitchen improvement projects tend to be quite a big investment so it can be daunting for many homeowners. However, it is a very rewarding experience and can significantly improve the value of your property. A lot of people like to look at inspiring kitchen projects to get ideas on how to start. A successful remodeling project can take weeks of preparation and careful planning. We cover some ideas on how to simplify this process and also some useful tips.

Housing Market Update Friday July 25 with AmeriFirst Home Mortgage

Housing Market Update July 25 with AmeriFirst Home Mortgage

Housing Market Friday Update

See the embedded video here - Housing Market Update Friday July 25 with AmeriFirst Home Mortgage

Welcome to your Housing Market Update with AmeriFirst Home Mortgage. I’m your host Dan Moyle. Today is Friday July 25-TH. This week in housing … A Phoenix Arizona news radio outlet reported on a trend out west that THEY say is a “cautionary tale” for the rest of the country. The question is: is it really a lesson for everyone?

3 Plant Ideas To Enhance Your First Home

3 Plant Ideas To Enhance Your First Home

Plants have a profound affect on human perceptions of indoor environments. Leonard Perry from the University of Vermont's Department of Plant and Soil Science found that office buildings with a lot of interior plants experience 14 percent less absenteeism. Part of this is due to the simple visual exposure to plants, which is said to reduce stress within five minutes. Furthermore, the American Society of Landscape Architects says home buyers will pay an 11.3 percent premium on homes with thoughtful landscaping. Whether your goal is beautification or maximizing returns on your biggest investment, these three ideas will help.

You've Bought a First House - Now Make it Feel Like a First Home


Urgent Warning: Home Buyers, Homeowners Beware of a New Scam

wire transfer scam

Home buyers and REALTORS/real estate agents beware: there's a new scam out there. It seems someone has found a way to send an email to a home buyer, mask it as though it's coming from their real estate agent and ask for money to be wired into an escrow account. The story is making news across the country.

How to Conserve Energy at Home

How to Conserve Energy at Home

There are devices that are always running in the home at any one time. Others are constantly being turned on and off. It is therefore not difficult for the energy bills to become a run-away cost. Fortunately, there are answers to how to improve energy efficiency in home and tame those bills.

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