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Going on the Market? 5 Things to Make Sure Your Home has Before Selling it

Posted by Guest on Thu, Feb 2, 2017

This is an article submitted by a guest author. Not all views expressed are those of AmeriFirst Home Mortgage or its employees. 

The real estate market is a competitive place. If you have any experience selling property, you're likely aware of that reality. It's critical for homeowners to do whatever they can to make their properties as attractive as possible to any potential purchasers. If you want to give your residence a fighting chance in the fast-paced and tough real estate market, you should equip it with these five essentials before taking action.



1. Exterior Lights

Exterior lighting can be a significant asset for people who want to sell their homes smoothly and easily. Exterior lights can make your outdoor setting look a lot more welcoming and attractive to others. They also offer the advantage of additional safety. Exterior lighting can often dissuade trespassers and criminals in general. If you want to get your property ready for real estate market success, you should invest in professional exterior lighting installation as soon as possible.

2. An Eat-in Kitchen

Think about what people want. Do they want a central vacuum that can keep their residential spaces neat and tidy? Most likely. Do they want an eat-in kitchen? Definitely. Eat-in kitchens can come in handy for households that are particularly busy. They can be a major attraction to buyers that have young children as well. If you want to give your home a serious advantage over the rest of the competition, you should think about getting a nice eat-in kitchen right away.

3. A Renovated Bathroom

People spend a lot of time in their bathrooms on a daily basis. They rely on their bathrooms to get ready for work or school in the morning. They use their bathrooms to shower, bathe and freshen up in general. Bathrooms, as a result, benefit from modern amenities and features. They benefit from attractive and contemporary appearances as well. If you want your property to thrive on the real estate market, you should consider renovating its bathroom or bathrooms. Sparkling bathroom fixtures hold a lot of appeal. New shower doors do as well. What can be nicer than fresh coats of paint on the wall? If you take the time to remodel your bathroom, your efforts will likely pay off in the end.

4. A Home Office

Working remotely is something that's becoming more and more common these days. Many professionals work from the comforts of their own homes 100 percent of the time. There are also many professionals who work from home on a part-time basis. That's why it can be a great idea to invest in a home office for your property. An airy and contemporary residential office can make your home especially enticing to prospective buyers. It can make it particularly alluring to young professionals who have promising careers ahead of them, too. An attractive home office can do a lot for people who are interested in optimal real estate market success.

5. Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring, last but not least, is another essential for real estate market success. Purchasers adore hardwood floors for a wealth of reasons. These floors are visually appealing. They look immaculate, neat and polished. They're also a lot more resilient than carpeting. People don't have to replace hardwood floors as often as carpet. These floors have minimal upkeep requirements as well. If you want your home to leave the rest of the competition in the dust, hardwood floors may be just what the doctor ordered.

Good presentation is key for homeowners who wish to sell their properties easily. If you fail to present your residence in an attractive manner, its special features won't matter much. If you keep your home clean and fresh, however, its amenities will shine.

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Author Bio: Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. She went to college at The Ohio State University where she studied communications. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and long walks in the park with her 3-year-old husky Snowball.

Twitter: @LizzieWeakley
Facebook: facebook.com/lizzie.weakley

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