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The Art of Choosing a Proper Wardrobe for Your Bedroom

Posted by Guest on Tue, Jan 10, 2017

This is an article submitted by a guest author. Not all views expressed are those of AmeriFirst Home Mortgage or its employees. 

Choosing a wardrobe for your bedroom isn’t as easy as picking out a bed or nightstands, since you need to consider more than just a style. Of course, the wardrobe you choose should complement the overall style of your bedroom, but you need to consider its size, type of design and storage compartments, as well. Therefore, instead of just heading down to a store and buying the first one you come across, here are several aspects you need to consider.

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How to Choose The Best Mattress for You and Your Family

Posted by Guest on Wed, Jan 4, 2017

This is an article submitted by a guest author. Not all views expressed are those of AmeriFirst Home Mortgage or its employees. 

For a back pain-free life and a good night’s sleep, you need to have a mattress that will provide you with comfort and correct spinal support. When considering purchasing new mattresses for your entire family, you need to know that you cannot opt for the same type of mattress for all of you, especially not for children who are still growing. Therefore, you need to inform yourself properly and research the market thoroughly in order to avoid any possible issues.

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8 Tips for Buying Furniture for a Small House

Posted by Jill Perney on Mon, Oct 5, 2015

Living Simply in Small Places

Whether you’re looking to buy a small house as your first home, or your downsizing to something smaller, it can seem daunting to either find furniture for your smaller home, or fit what you already have inside!

Here are 8 tips and tricks for creating space, fitting your stuff, or buying new.

1. Use Small Scale Furniture. It seems obvious, but choose furniture that is scaled to your space. A gigantic sectional sofa may not make sense for a 650 square foot studio apartment. Instead try for a smaller scale sofa that doesn’t have wide arms that take up more valuable space. Keeping your furniture smaller scale will keep the room from being over cluttered and non-functional.

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Smart Storage Solutions for Your New Home

Posted by Guest on Thu, Aug 13, 2015

Moving into a new house is always a mixed experience. It produces a feeling of starting a new stage in your life, but it can also be excruciating, especially if you haven't moved for a while. A new block, new neighbors and a completely new home require a period of adaptation. This period will be much easier for you if you deal with your redundant belongings in an efficient way. We have prepared a few tips on how to keep your items neat in your new home.

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