How to Apply for a Mortgage with AmeriFirst Home Mortgage

It's the first step in an exciting journey. It's also a bit daunting. But applying for a mortgage doesn't have to be frightening. It shouldn't be difficult.

When you're ready to apply for a mortgage loan with AmeriFirst Home Mortgage, you have a few options.  

Let's go online (since we are):

You can fill out our short form on this page with some minor information and someone will contact you to talk more about your situation. 

You can also fill out the full mortgage application here. If you've spoken with a mortgage consultant, be sure to choose their name at the top of the application so they can help when the time comes.

The short video series below will help walk you through some of the home buying process. Take a look & enjoy. Then let us help you navigate this journey of financing your dreams.

[Video Transcript] So you want to buy a house -- how to choose the right lender and why.

So you're thinking about buying a house. It's an exciting time. It's also a bit scary. A mortgage is most likely the biggest financial commitment of your life. But it doesn't have to be a frightening move. In fact, with the right planning and a great team of people around you, it can be an exciting adventure.

In today's housing market, the first step to buying a house should be mortgage pre-approval. This means you'll get to know the price range where you'll go house hunting, and whether you'll be able to actually finance a house. You'll need certain credit scores and financial items before you can get a mortgage loan.

Finding the right lender for mortgage pre-approval comes down to a few important steps. First, find a mortgage consultant that fits your needs and personality. Make sure this consultant will listen to your needs and wants, and this person will work with you during this process.

Also, make the consultant is just that -- a consultant. They will work with you during the entire process, and be there when things get frustrating. It happens, and that's normal. The right consultant should help you through the process. So often, home buyers get stuck on interest rates. The right relationship with the right mortgage consultant will help you as a home buyer find the right house at the right monthly payment, regardless of rate. Here's a secret some lenders won't tell you: sometimes a lower interest rate will cost you more per month. Knowing the right solution for your personal situation is more important than just another number.

Finally, finding the right lender and consultant comes down to experience. A lender with decades of time in the housing market will understand the options and situations you face much better than a company young in the business. Here at AmeriFirst Home Mortgage we know this because after 30 years in the mortgage business, our folks have seen it all. We can help you get on the right track when it comes to buying and financing your house.

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