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AmeriFirst Customer Reviews


"...absolutely rocked this loan."

John Schmidlin and Beth Hatley absolutely rocked this loan. My husband and I had a ton of issues we had to overcome to get to closing. John and Beth worked tirelessly to assist us every step of the way. I would (and have) recommended them to friends and family. You couldn't ask for more professional and helpful individuals. Excellent experience. I would go back to AmeriFirst for any future needs.
- Pamela M


"...a true professional..."

If I buy another home in the future, I would call Michelle Meredith first. She is a true professional and really went the extra mile to tie up the loose ends of our mortgage process. Thanks so much Michelle, you're the absolute best!!!! 
- Richard P.


"I have since recommended Steve to many of our friends and acquaintances, and they have all been just as pleased as we were! "

Steve Cartwright was key in our first home buying experience. He was amazing. Every thing he said he would do, he did. He was always they're when we needed him, and had a wealth of knowledge to offer. He made sure he got our loan pushed through by the time we to be out of our rental. The guy was just incredible! I have since recommended him to many of our friends and acquaintances, and they have all been just as pleased as we were!
- Mike & Kit L.


"Owning our first home would not have been possible without you."

I want to personally thank you for your time and diligent effort in helping my family secure a home loan. With you knowing this being my first home you were very informative and patient with me during this process. The Tallahassee Lenders Consortium will not allow me to use an outside lender. I asked and begged so I may stay with you and to no end they are set on using the list of lenders provided...I am not choosing to work with another lender by choice. With no reservation I will not hesitate to refer anyone your direction, thank you for everything.
"Conrad" McCray  (click the link to read Conrad's full story)


"... knows how to make you feel as if you are the only thing on his plate ..."

In less than 1 yr we bought and refinanced our home through AmeriFirst. David Pauley is a great asset to the company. He knows the business and knows how to make you feel as if you are the only thing on his plate during his business day no matter what time of day it is!
- Susan R.


"I just wish I would have contacted AmeriFirst instead of..."

I want to thank you again (whoever called me today about a loan). I so appreciated him talking to me and explaining a few things. Now,  I just wish I would have contacted AmeriFirst instead of [the other company] because AmeriFirst was willing to explain things to me and now I understand more how loans work.
- Bonnie G; Lancaster, Ohio



"...worked with me for over a year helping my husband and I get to where we needed to be to purchase our dream home."

Working with Amerifirst and John Schmidlin was a wonderful experience. John worked with me for over a year helping my husband and I get to where we needed to be to purchase our dream home. He was always there to answer my numerous questions with patients and knowledge. I couldn't have imagined working with anyone better than John was.
- Jessica P


"Makes me wish I could buy another house!"

Top Notch! Steve Loechtenfeldt & Susan [in Cincinnati, Ohio], and the rest of the team were on the ball. They made it a breeze to go through a process that I thought would be cumbersome. Makes me wish I could buy another house!!

Steve was great at walking me through the process, from start to finish. His knowledge of the products and services available to me was second to none. Susan Trenkamp, and the rest of his staff were amazing to work with. Made my experience as a first time home buyer, and 203K customer, one that i will never forget. All though I hit some snags along the way with the seller, and some thieves, Steve and Susan were by my side the entire grueling 6 months!! Even took time out of his busy schedule to be there with me at closing, a personal touch that most folks wouldn't get elsewhere. Makes me wish I could buy a home a week! My dream of owning this first home would not have been possible, without Steve by my side You will get my recommendation any day!
- Keith C.


"...super responsive, really knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with!"

John Schmidlin was absolutely awesome! He was super responsive really knowledgeable and was a pleasure to work with! His was the easiest part of the whole home buying process he always reassured me by answering any questions we had as a first time home buyers and was willing to help us and work anything out to benifit us he was truly great to work with best experience about the whole home buying process!! Would recommend him to anyone!
- Joshua E.


"We have referred family to her."

Michelle Meredith was fantastic in helping us get a loan as quickly as possible. She was incredibly knowledgeable and kept in great contact. We have referred family to her and they were expecting to have to wait a few weeks/months, but they walked out with a preapproval the day of their meeting!
- Kelli C.


"We are extremely appreciative to this office and are glad we chose their services!"

John Schmidlin and [the] staff at AmeriFirst are the best to work with! John not only kept us informed at every turn in our home buying process, but also assisted us right away with any questions we had. We are extremely appreciative to this office and are glad we chose their services!
- Julie C.


"Tim and his team really made me feel comfortable...answering all of my questions (even if I asked numerous times). "

Being our first home I was very skeptical about the home buy process and had many questions. Tim Kritcher and his team really made me feel comfortable, keeping us informed, explaining every detail and answering all of my questions (even if I asked numerous times). We had planned on talking to more than one lender but after meeting with Tim that was it. Him and he team were amazing and I wouldn't go anywhere else. I'd recommend him to everyone.
- Amy K.


"... it has been nothing but bliss working with you!"

Donna K, My wife and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we absolutely love our new home and could not have made it happen without you and Beth. Thank you both so much for your hard work and your time and effort, we will be sure to recommend you and AmeriFirst to everyone we know that wants to purchase a home. Could have never done this without you Donna! You're truly an amazing person and it has been nothing but bliss working with you! We appreciate everything and are happy beyond measure! You're an amazing woman! Thank you so much. 
- Rusty & Tammy H.



"He was given a short timeline to get this done and kept in communication with us the whole way."

Brian Kubicki was great to work with on our loan. He was given a short timeline to get this done and kept in communication with us the whole way. He was open to meeting when it was convenient for us and provided excellent service. Brian was very knowledgeable about the entire buying experience, not just our loan. I would recommend him to anyone looking to a home loan.
- Kris F.


"..everyone at Amerifirst were so willing to teach, it blew our minds!"

From the moment we were pre-approved over the phone, up until the day we closed, John Insco and Debbie Yingling were tremendous! My wife and I could not have gotten this accomplished without these two professionals. The 203k loan process was new to me, but Mr. Insco broke it down every step of the way and was very patient with us. I've learned so much since this process began and everyone at AmeriFirst were so willing to teach, it blew our minds! Every question we asked was answered honestly and accurately. The transparency given to us was second to none. Thank you so much for embracing our situation! My family and I will reap the benefits for years to come! I'll definitely recommend friends and family to you, so keep up the excellent work!!
- Vernon D.


"...a class act who genuinely cares about his clients."

Brian Kubicki has a vast collection of glowing reviews for a reason. I am extremely thankful that I chose to work with him in the purchase of my first home. He was ALWAYS available to answer any question I had (and I had A LOT) whenever I needed him, whether the question was about lending or just the home buying process in general. It was almost like I had a family member to lean on throughout the whole process. Brian is a class act who genuinely cares about his clients and made my experience, I feel, as stress free as it could have been. I HIGHLY recommend Brian, I feel like I've gained a great resource and a new friend.
- John O.


" first home purchase and you made it the best!"

John Insco is the man. Very friendly and helpful. My wife and I had no issues too big or small that John couldn't handle. Very smooth operation. Once again thank you for all of your help and wisdom. This was my first home purchase and you made it the best!!!! Thanks for your service and your military service John. Debbie, thank you for all your help as well. You are awesome!
- Raymond A.


"...made it so easy on us."

We want to thank Steve Loechtenfeldt & team for making the purchase of our first home amazing. He knew what needed to be done and made it so easy on us. We were getting married and in a huge time crunch to close during the process. Buying the house was a very low stressor for us during this time thanks to them!!!!
- Brittany M.


"He was available always and walked me through it all."

Brian Kubicki was amazing! I truly wasn't even sure if I had what it took to purchase a home as a first time home buyer. After seeing the amazing reviews online for Brian, it was a no brainer to contact him! So I took the leap and reached out to him, explained my concerns and he was calling me within the hour. He was so eager to help me, addressed my concerns and I was pre-approved by my lunch break. Everything was so simple! Every question I had, Brian responded to almost instantly and every concern I had, Brian addressed. He was available always and walked me through it all. Brian set me up with an wonderful Realtor and team that took me seriously and followed through with it all. I didn't know the first step to anything and Brian really took care of it all. It was very easy! You always hear horror stories about how stressful it is to buy a house, and how delays occur and something will fall through and the underwriters are constantly down your throat, but I was pleasantly surprised that is was all so simple and seamless with Brian! I was always thinking it might be the calm before the storm but it was nothing but rainbows and sunshine :) I never experienced the stress as most home buyers describe. Brian ensured that I closed on my projected closing date and nothing held us up. I really can't express how much I appreciate his hard work and the extra miles he took! Nothing went unnoticed! I love my new home and I know it wouldn't of been the same great experience if I didn't choose Brian. I will refer him always. Thank you Brian for everything from the bottom of my heart!
- Sarah B.


"The best. Period."

[John Insco was] Outstanding, professional on every level possible. He was always available to help and was friendly. The best period.
- Michael T.


"Thanks for your awesome guidance."

To Cynthia Thomas of Crawfordville, FL: Mom & I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for your time. We are so appreciative of your great customer service and valuable information that you provided to us. We have already begun working on cleaning up the credit issues. We will definitely be calling you back to begin the process yet again- but this time (thanks to your awesome guidance) we will be ready. We hope your company realizes what a gem you are!
Sincerely & with great thanks,
- Paula L. & Dee-Dee D.


"It was a time that was filled with nerves, doubt, fear. [They] turned into another special part in the process."

This was our first time purchasing a home, it was a time that was filled with nerves, doubt, fear and several other emotions. If it were not for our agent, John Insco, and his experience that he delivered with a positive attitude who knows what would have happened. Equally important in the process was Debbie Yingling. Debbie was a joy to work with and answered everyone of our questions in what seemed like seconds. These two professionals made what could have been a difficult process and turned into another special part in the process. Thanks!
- Bryan E.


"You reassured us every step of the way."

Hi Mark (Mark Jost of Franklin, TN) and Jackie.  We received the name/address stamp in the mail and we would like to say thank you. We also want to say thanks again for all of your hard work.  You guys worked fast, hard, and was diligent in helping us make our dream come true.  Often times people do not realize how they affect your life.  Jackie you never let us feel discouraged.  You reassured us every step of the way that everything would beok.  I was stressed out and sleep deprived with a newborn.  In the end we are so happy to say we are home owners.  I attached pictures of us on our closing day and since babyCarrington somehow seemed to keep creeping into our emails I sent updated pictures of her as well
- THANKS AGAIN from the Booker family!

Booker family closing TN


"You have been a blessing to me."

Thanks again (Michael McClain: Indianapolis, Indiana) for your kindness and help with my home refinancing experience.  You have been a blessing to me with your honesty and great personality and I value and will carry this with me always.  Each time I entered into the AmeriFirst office, the atmosphere was wonderful, calm, quiet, and friendly.  From the desk administrator, who greets with a helpful smile; Faith, your beautiful wife; the "Closer" from Best Title Co.; to you Mike, who was very knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, honest, and respectful.  I'm very grateful to have had such a great experience with refinancing my home. You've helped me reduce my mortgage payments and now I'm in a better position to start saving and fixing some things around the house.  I thank God for everything and everything to come.  I pray for continued success for you, your family, and the AmeriFirst Home Mortgage Co.
Very Grateful,
- Sherri E. Campbell


"When my own banker failed, you were there."

I gotta say Mike (Michael Julius; West Allis, Wisconsin), you've been outstanding.   When my own banker failed, you were there.  When you saw I needed an owner's title policy, you ordered it ahead of time just in case I'd like one.  And you helped guide the group of us as well as the paperwork through this bizarre circus of deadlines.  I really just wanted you to know that your efforts and your professionalism were very much appreciated.   Without your 'above and beyond' assistance, this deal would have fallen apart or been quite a bit more expensive.   You have my sincere gratitude, brother.  I have no doubt I'll be looking you up for financing if I decide to buy another property down the road. 
Kurt Coffin 


"We truly are in our dream home, and it wouldn't have been possible without you."

Thank you so very much for everything you and your office (Port Huron, Michigan) did for us. We truly are in our dream home, and it wouldn't have been possible without you, Carolyn, Stephanie, Mark and everyone else behind the scenes. Amerifirst was so wonderful about answering all of my questions - and there were MANY - and no one ever made me feel like I was a burden, and always felt in the loop. I have been, and will continue to recommend your office to everyone I know!
Jorja Baldwin


"Thank you for putting a great team together."

We met (Joe Daly) when you came into town and held a class on 203K financing. I had just put a deal together and sent it to lender that I later found out didn't know what they were doing. Wasted three weeks before I pulled the deal and gave it to Sandy Kryscio. She and her assistant Mary Beth Day accomplished more in the first week than the first lender in three. She's working her tail off in an effort to make up for lost time as our closing deadline is quickly approaching. I just thought you should know what a great job she's doing! Thank you for putting a great team together.
Jim Anderson; Real Estate agent in Jackson, MI


"...[they] kept us all calm and [were] wonderful to work with."

John Insco was great to work with from the very beginning of the process of trying to get back into a house. He told us what we needed to do and followed up with us to make sure we were on track. He always went the extra step to make sure he was taking care of us. I would highly recommend John to any of my friends. I also can not say enough about Debbie Yingling. It was getting pretty intense about if the loan was going to go through but she kept us all calm and was wonderful to work with. I had two great people helping us in getting our dream house!
- Dan A.


"...he treated us like he had known us his entire life!"

Steve Loechtenfeldt was both incredibly helpful and professional and he treated us like he had known us his entire life! He made sure that we made an informed decision about our home loan and answered all of our questions in a timely manner. If you are in the market for a new home, I truly believe there is no one out there who would do a better job than Steve. Thank you so much!
- Nick G.


"You will never know how much I appreciate all that was done with this project."

I really just wanted to take a moment and thank all of you (Steve Cartwright & Team) for all the time and effort you put into the refinance of the Jean Street House. Six months ago I really didn’t know what I was going to do…I truly felt this was something that had no positive outcome…I was overwhelmed and scared. 

I think we all had a bit of worry that this project wouldn’t get to the point that we are at now…but you all stuck with it and saw it through to the end. I feel that you all went above duty and responsibly to assist me in this crazy endeavor. Getting to the closing wasn’t possible without your help, your persistence, and your flexibility.

You will never know how much I appreciate all that was done with this project. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  
- Erin Rae M.


"I wish we found Tim before wasting our time with other lenders."

Tim Kritcher was the first lender that really spent time trying his hardest to accomodate my wife and I. He tried several loan options with the information we gave him. He made himself available at all times through phone, e-mail, and texting. I wish we found Tim before wasting our time with other lenders. I can not praise him and AmeriFirst enough, and am 100% confident that you would not have a single regret working with Tim.- Brandon T.

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