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AmeriFirst Home Mortgage is the company that brings joy and comfort for future homeowners with a service proposition unlike its competitors.

As a stand-alone mortgage banker for more than 30 years, AmeriFirst Home Mortgage is committed to doing business the right way. Back in the early 2000s when other lenders and brokers offered all kinds of gimmicky and "too good to be true" mortgages, the leadership at AmeriFirst decided those were not going to be part of our business model. So while other companies were making money during the heyday of the housing bubble, AmeriFirst had lean years, doing business the right way.

Once all of those loans proved to be bad for the housing market and the world came crashing down, AmeriFirst stood tall as a solid lender among the rubble. Now we see a housing market on the mend, buyers trusting in us and real estate agents thriving in a climate much more friendly for home buyers.


We pride ourselves on establishing quality relationships with our customers and are proud to have team members that share this same core value. It is our belief that people really do care and given the right opportunity with other like minded people, great things can and do happen. You see, at AmeriFirst Home Mortgage, people are our most unique and prized resource. We believe that it isn't as much about what business you are in, but about how you do it. Read the latest home mortgage news here.

The Right Loans For YOU

You'll find AmeriFirst branches in several states. Our licensed consultants specialize in FHA loans, VA mortgage loans, USDA Rural Development loans, home improvement loans and conventional lending.

With so many choices, we feel the education on the mortgage process is vital. It's why we offer so much content to home buyers. 

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The Best of Both Worlds

While AmeriFirst Home Mortgage is large enough to provide the products and service levels found in big mortgage companies, we pride ourselves in being small enough to take advantage of quick and precise decision making to capitalize on opportunity. This truly provides our customers with the "best of both worlds" when it comes to mortgage lending capabilities.

Thank you for your interest in AmeriFirst Home Mortgage. You can contact us anytime or give us a call at (800) 466-5626. We are committed to doing business the right way, every time.

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