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4 Tips for Maintaining Privacy and Security in Your Home

Posted by Guest on Mon, Feb 13, 2017

This is an article submitted by a guest author. Not all views expressed are those of AmeriFirst Home Mortgage or its employees. 

When you're a homeowner, it can feel difficult to maintain privacy without going to extremes. With these simple tips, you'll have no trouble enjoying your home and yard without added worry. From natural borders to smart technology, there are endless ways to ensure your home stays secure.


Secure your WiFi

Your WiFi network can be a great source of entertainment and communication, but did you know it can also create security vulnerabilities in your home? The first step to keeping your internet secure is to ensure your WiFi network is encrypted. Use a WiFi password as well, and change it regularly for added security. You don't want anyone snooping on your online activities, so talk to your internet provider about more ways you can keep your internet secure.

Cover Up Those Windows

If you're like so many other homeowners, you may not realize how visible the interior of your home is at night. Especially when you have a light or two turned on, your curtains can become as see-through as the window itself. That's why it's important to have blinds and specially-manufactured curtains to ensure privacy. You may even consider frosting your windows or purchasing electric shutters for extra privacy that still looks stylish. Of course, it’s always good to make sure your windows are secure as well.


Hedges are an excellent, beautiful way to create some natural privacy. From tall evergreens to mixed plants, it's easy to see why hedges are a go-to choice to block out your neighbor's prying eyes. With tall-growing plants, you can liven up your lawn and embrace serenity in your backyard. Be sure to have a plan for all times of the year. Seasonal changes can bring lush privacy during spring and a barren lawn after autumn.

Smart Technology for Security

Today, several smart doorbells are available if you'd like to have live video from your smartphone any time someone triggers the doorbell or sets off the motion detector. Similarly, it's possible to set up smart video cameras for extra protection. If you'd like to stay on top of carbon monoxide and smoke, you can even purchase smart detectors that connect to your device over WiFi so you can stay informed about your home, even when you're out and about.

Whether you know it or not, maintaining privacy in your home can be easy. From special curtains to WiFI encryption, you can now enjoy added privacy and security without breaking the bank.

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Author Bio: Dixie Somers is a freelance writer and blogger for business, home, and family niches. Dixie lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and is the proud mother of three beautiful girls and wife to a wonderful husband.

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