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5 Upgrades to Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Posted by Guest on Mon, Apr 17, 2017

This is an article submitted by a guest author. Not all views expressed are those of AmeriFirst Home Mortgage or its employees. 

Warm weather is on its way, so now is the perfect time to take action in your outdoor area and prepare for a fun and relaxed summer outside. This article looks at five creative upgrades to enhance your outdoor space; adding a new terrace or wooden platform, upgrading your outdoor lighting, building in new furniture, designing a shady retreat and pool decking ideas for upgrading the area around your pool.


Terraces & Platforms

Adding a new wood deck in the form of an extra terrace or platform is a great contemporary way to upgrade and extend your outdoor space. Think about defining different wood walkways, edges, levels and retreat spaces within your garden. Wooden deck additions are great around your pool and grill - adding extra space for deck chairs, or built-in seats around a fire pit. Floating sharp rectangular or square decks and platforms give a contemporary look, while curves and softer edges create more of a rustic cottage style.

When selecting materials for your addition, wood is a great sustainable alternative to hotter and less flexible materials such as concrete, tiles, and stone. Rather than retaining the hot summer heat, a wood deck tends to remain softer and cooler underfoot. Many sustainable timbers are available, that are long lasting and durable, and only require standard cleaning while slowly silvering and developing a rich patina over time.


While we’re thinking sustainably, it’s time to give those old rusty outdoor lights a makeover. Contemporary LED lighting can really lift your home design and outdoor space enhancing the transition from day to night events. Long life compact fluorescent bulbs and LED lights, reduce both maintenance and performance costs. Think about highlighting steps or the edge of your deck with easy to install LED strip lights, or add accents to your garden path with cordless solar lamps. Make your home glow by washing select walls and columns with up-lights, highlighting entrances and design features. Adding motion sensors and timers is also a great way to build in sustainable economics while adding security to your home.


Built in Furniture 

Often our backyards fill up with bulky equipment, tools and pool toys that distract and add clutter to the natural setting. Built in furniture such as box seats, tables and pergolas can have a hidden agenda and hide some of these excess items. Focus on decluttering and creating clean lines and views across your outdoor space. Wooden box seats can be easily constructed with hinging lids, or doors that open under the main seat to hide away those extra cushions and outdoor games. Build in wooden shelters for your pool equipment, so these bulky items begin to blend with your deck and other wooden accessories. These hidden storage nooks will really add to a neat and complete upgrade of your outdoor space.

Shady Retreat

Outdoor rooms are increasing in popularity and are a great way to screen views and bring privacy to your yard. To bring inside activities outside for the summer is a great way to activate and make the most of your outdoor space. Shady sitting areas are critical for comfort in the summer. Shade can be built into a range of structures, from a simple pergola to intricate latticework that can add great patterns and texture, to larger wooden gazebos. The walls of an outdoor room can be plant based with tall shrubs, hedges and climbing plants, or beautiful flowing curtains. There is an ever-increasing range of great colorful outdoor fabrics to create curtains, cushions, and pillows bringing life and vibrancy to your welcoming outdoor retreat.


Pool Deck Ideas 

Finally, a great way to upgrade your outdoor space is by optimizing the space around your pool. Often pool edges are hot, full of glare and not wide enough to inhabit properly and enjoy. Start by measuring your pool, deck chairs and outdoor table and plan for a generous zone around them. Watch how shadows and shade move across your pool during the morning and afternoon to plan for a wider and more comfortable deck, which will instantly make your pool more inviting. Think about welcoming and soft materials such as wood and greenery, rather than hot and reflective stones, tiles and concrete.

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