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6 Easy Hacks to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

As the year rolls on and winter settles in, you may be thinking about ways to keep energy costs down. Or if you're not, you may want to start! Keeping your home warm in the winter without draining your bank account can be a bit tricky when the temps drop as low as they did last winter. 

You have a few options when it comes to upping the energy efficiency of your house this winter. We'll take a look at a few easy hacks you can do this fall, plus a couple of more serious ideas you may need some help completing. Let's start with the 6 easy hacks to make your home more energy efficient.


1) Weather stripping foam for windows/doors - Even in newer homes doors and windows can have gaps. Make sure you have no free-flowing areas around your sills and jambs with foam weather stripping.


2) Install thermal wrap on furnace ducts - Keep the furnace heat in your duct work until it gets to your registers. You don't want to lose heat as it's delivered to your living room!


3) Stuff insulation in basement/crawlspace near exterior walls - The area between your basement and your main living quarters can be a wasteland of energy efficiency. Stuff some simply insulation in there to keep the heat in and the cold out.


4) Replace your old thermostat with a programmable thermostat - Regulate your furnace better with a programmable thermostat. This isn't ground breaking news - just be sure to keep your ups and downs close together - a few degrees so your furnace isn't working extra hard to get back up to warm.


5) Plastic sheeting on windows - It may seem tacky, but it's really helpful to put plastic over your windows in the winter.


6) Insulate outlets & light switches - The outside walls of your home can have quite a cool feel to them. Help keep some of that cold at-bay with simple foam covers under the outlet and light switch covers.

these quick hacks will help keep Old Man winter at bay some. What other tips do you have? Share them in the comments below.

When you're ready to dive deeper and really make your home more energy efficient, consider some serious remodeling with an FHA 203k renovation mortgage and the PowerSaver Grant. Learn more below.


image source: weather stripping | themral wrap | insulation | thermostat | plastic | outlet foam

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