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DIY Home Decor: Fridge Surrounded by Pantry

Here's a good way to keep your kitchen organized. This DIY home decor design idea puts your pantry all around your refrigerator. 

DIY Home Decor Fridge Surrounded by Pantry

As you can see, the pantry and dry storage surrounds the fridge, so all of your food is in one place. For this kind of kitchen remodel you will need the space to begin with, so you can surround your fridge with enough cabinet space that you have a decent-sized pantry area. As you can see, the lower cupboards have drawers for storage like bread, gourds and other non-refrigerated foods. One way to find unique and fun designs for the cabinets is to look at estate sales, garage sales and salvage yards. 

Get more ideas of fun dream home decor projects from our blog, and have fun dreaming! 

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