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Is it Rural? USDA Rural Development Eligibility

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If you've already heard of the zero-down mortgage loan option USDA Rural Development, then you probably know the house must be in a specific area. As we've said here at AmeriFirst before, rural doesn't have to mean farm.

Rural actually covers "out in the country," small towns or villages and other neighborhoods. You may be surprised at the kinds of communities considered "rural" by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. 


The term rural basically covers areas outside "city limits" in a lot of states. Of course, "city' can be a relative term.


The question remains: How do I know if the house I want qualifies for a USDA Rural Development mortgage? You have to go to the USDA website and find the eligibility map. The problem is that it's not so simple to find. We decided to show you where to find the information in one our 60 Second Mortgage Tip videos. Watch below.

See the embedded video here - Is It Rural? USDA Rural Development Eligibility

The video transcript: A zero-down mortgage option that requires you to buy in a specific area. How do you know if the house you want is eligible for USDA Rural Development? We're going to show you. Hi I'm Dan Moyle with AmeriFirst Home Mortgage and THIS... is your "60 Second Mortgage Tip."


The rural development mortgage doesn't require a cash down payment. This means you get to buy a house, and finance the entire purchase. You still may need cash at the closing table, but not for a down payment. The catch? The house must be in a "rural" area.

But that doesn't mean "farm." Here's how you find out if your area is eligible. Visit the link on the screen. This takes you to the USDA eligibility map. You can see a lot of areas like villages and small towns are considered "rural."


Learn more about rural development [here]. It's a playlist all with video all about Rural Development.


Thanks for watching. Be sure to subscribe to our channel for more video tips. I'm Dan Moyle with AmeriFirst Home Mortgage. This has been your "60 Second Mortgage Tip."


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