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How Can I Make My Deck Snow-Free?

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Each year the winters are harsher than the last. There are snow falls and snow storms, sometimes too much. When you’re faced with a huge amount of white stuff around you, it’s likely to make your deck white too. Deck clearing can be tedious and tiring, especially if the snow layer is a few inches thick.


Here’s how you can make your deck free of snow in extreme cold snowy weather:


  1. Corn Broom. Use a corn broom to clear snow off your deck. It works best if there is a thin layer of snow only that is not heavy and thick. A broom is a safe tool to clean snow as it does not take with it nails or screws that may be popping up from the deck surface.
  2. Hot Water. You may experience thick layer of ice on your deck in extreme winters. It can be as thick as three to four inches. This thick snow can be hard to get rid of with a broom so you need to pour hot water on it. Once you pour hot water on the snow/ice. It will melt down and then you can easily brush it off with a broom.
  3. Chemicals. You can also use chemicals that melt the ice, just like hot water. However, you must carefully use them as they may damage the deck floor if used in excess. Use only enough to melt the snow. Make sure to wear appropriate safety gear such as gloves and goggles when using chemicals.
  4. Shovel. Do not use a metal shovel as it can damage your deck. A plastic shovel is safe for use. Shovel your deck lengthwise. If your deck has stairs, get a long narrow plastic shovel that can go into congested areas of the deck.
  5. Snow Blower. You can clean snow from your deck with a help of snow blower too. Snow blowers are useful when you have a lot of snow covering your deck. This requires minimum effort and is less tiring. It’s a fast and easy way of clearing snow from your deck.


Removing snow from your deck, or other places such as patios and yards can be a difficult and time consuming task if you don’t know the appropriate way and tools to carry out the task. It is especially tiring for people who live in areas where there is heavy snowfall. To ensure your deck is safe to use in winter, it’s important you get a seasonal check up from a deck restoration company, especially in fall, before winter. This is to ensure safety; you don’t want sharp nails and ridged edges to give you a bruise on your feet while you are busy cleaning snow off your deck.


So if you want to restore your deck before it’s covered with a thick white sheet, then get in touch with America’s no. 1 deck restoration company, Deck Daddy. For more information, please log on now to http://deckdaddy.com/.


Author Bio: Alan Alaxandar is a writer having an experience in writing for small businesses. Find Alan on Twitter, Facebook, and on Google+

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