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Aluminium vs. Steel Fencing: What One is Right for Your Home and What’s the Difference?

decorative fenceWhen it comes to fencing materials, it is essential that your equipment is made from the best available. Because fencing is necessary for security, privacy, appearance, keeping pets in and adding to your property’s resale value - having something that ticks all the boxes is important.

Many fencing companies will offer the choice between steel and aluminium fencing because they both offer popular benefits, but how do you know which one is better when they both look so similar? We look at a few expert tips that will help you decide what option will be best for your next project and uncover the differences between the two.


Steel Fencing

The benefits of steel fencing by far outweigh aluminium because of the strength and security it offers that aluminium can’t. Steel fencing is super durable, providing a long lasting barrier that offers maximum security for your property.  There are a few varieties of steel fencing including steel picket, colourbond and tubular, and each comes with its own unique set of advantages.

Because steel fencing is the more attractive option, it’s popular for homeowners wanting both security and appearance as a priority. Despite the heaviness of steel fencing, the installation process is easy but because of its weight does tend to have a higher shipping cost.

Although they require a fraction more maintenance than some other fence types - consider choosing steel fencing if you want a decorative fence that will last the distance, and cost is not a concern.


Using Steel Fencing for Your Next Project

Whether your next project is for domestic, industrial or maritime purposes a strong and sturdy fence is necessary, especially for a work site.  Large panel steel fences provide the greatest protection against vandalism than other welded wire mesh so should be considered for properties that are prone to any form of destruction.

Although it is more costly to install than other fencing options, steel fencing can be better customized to fit the style of your property so for this reason, homeowners enjoy the versatile advantages it offers.  For property owners wanting the strength of steel fencing but a cheaper alternative, tubular steel fences offer an easy to install and low-cost choice beneficial for any type of project.


When combined with hot dipped galvanizing and powder coating, steel fences will easily outlast aluminium as it’s far more resistant to the impact. This makes steel fencing an ideal option for heavy industrial or maritime projects.


Aluminium Fencing

Steel fencing is much more durable but aluminium fencing is the perfect alternative for green-minded property owners. Because aluminium fences can be recycled after they’re no longer in use, they offer a much better green footprint in a world that is becoming more environmentally conscious.


Aluminium fencing  is the cheaper substitute and mimics the look of more expensive materials like wrought iron and steel. It is light weight, making shipping costs significantly cheaper and can be bent and shaped easier into innumerable architectural designs making it a commonly used material in the construction industry.

In terms of its environmental impact, weight and corrosion and rust resistance, aluminium fencing still remains an established fencing solution.


Using Aluminium Fencing for Your Next Project

As aluminium is considerably a less sturdy material than steel, it’s not recommended for extreme and heavy duty projects that require fencing to be durable for years to come.

This being said, its place in the construction industry still remains relatively strong and is still a material type that’s used regularly. For homeowners, its economical appeal makes it an advantageous choice – especially when installing a fence for purely appearance purposes it’s much more cost-effective.


In terms of cost, while you may be able to source cheap aluminium alternatives, they will not be able to offer the level of protection required for a low risk site.

When the performance of steel and aluminium are compared, steel fencing and gates provide far better protection that aluminium products can offer.

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This article is written by , who writes for Fencemakers, Perth, Western Australia’s complete range of fences, gates and pool fencing.

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