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How to Make Your First Home Pest-Free Before the Holiday Season

Posted by AmeriFirst Marketing on Mon, Nov 25, 2013

How to Make Your First Home Pest Free Before the Holiday SeasonAs the holiday season is fast approaching, homeowners get busy with preparations for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. As you get into the merriment of the holiday season preparing delicious savory items, cakes and pies for your loved ones and guests, it’s always good to make sure you don’t have any uninvited visitors (read: pests).

Pests, termites, mosquitoes, rodents love the holiday season, just like we all do. It’s because they have more delicacies to enjoy (baked goodies and sweet desserts) – unless you take smart precautions to make your first home pest-free before the holiday season. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Brought Flowers? Give them a shake before bringing them indoors

Flowers, plants and trees may carry tiny bugs that you may be unable to spot easily. Shake the greenery well before you bring it indoors. If there are any spiders, bugs or pests crawling on the greenery, they will shake off onto the ground. Moreover, when you place the tree inside for your holiday season, make sure to thoroughly clean the area around it regularly to prevent bugs from finding a way to it.

2. Baked Goodies? Store them in an airtight container

Rodents, roaches, termites etc love to taste sweet desserts and goodies. These goodies are very inviting for the bugs so make sure to store all the food in a cool, dry and safe place. Use zip lock bags or airtight jars to store food to prevent any pests from crawling into your kitchen or pantry. Do not leave the food uncovered, especially overnight. Because technically, pests don’t sleep when they find prey (read: food).

3. Wood Logs? Clean them up before you put them in the fire place

Sitting by the fireplace with family, while sipping hot coffee; is a great idea. However, having the fireplace infested with bugs is not something great. Make sure to clean the wood logs before you place them in the fireplace. Use a dry cloth or a broom to brush off any bugs stuck on the logs.

4. Insect Eggs or Droppings? Follow the trail and sweep

It’s common for bugs to stick with trees and greenery, and eventually lay eggs. Look thoroughly around and over the Christmas tree and other green decorations indoors for insects, bugs and termites. A good way of spotting pests is to check for, insect eggs or droppings; sweep away the trail and use a pest spray to keep them away in future.

5. Stubborn Pests? Hire a Professional

Ok, so you’ve tried everything to keep away pests but they seem to too stubborn to evacuate from your home. In such a case, get in can detect hidden spaces where the pests can infiltrate and can easily make your home free of pests. The professional pest control treatment is odor free and safe for you and your pets.

Many companies offer affordable and quality pest control services. So if you don’t want to hear the creepy pitter-patter from rodents, ants, termites and such pests, then you must get in touch with pest control experts, because you deserve a pest-free Holiday Season! You can find more details about affordable pest control services in your area.

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