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Foreclosed Home Mold Remediation Inspection: How Bad is Too Bad?


You never know what you're getting into when buying a foreclosed home. If the house sat vacant for awhile, you could have critters living inside. You might have water damage. You could have mold. How bad does it have to be before the house is simply unlivable and can never be fixed? 

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In today's video we explore a house that would be a nightmare to most home buyers. But with the eye of a professional, we see that as bad as it is, it's not impossible. Join Ron Killian with ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo as we enter a house that sat vacant for months with standing water - that now has walls covered in mold. Just how bad is too bad?

See the embedded video here - Mold Remediation Inspection: How Bad is Too Bad?

If you're considering buying a foreclosed home, a house that's sat vacant since the owners left, you may find a diamond in the rough that has some minor repairs like peeling paint or maybe a ripped screen door. You may find yourself saying, "We can do this. It's not a bad deal." Just be careful. You never know what nightmares lie in wait inside for you.

This video takes you through a house where a pipe burst, and water more than a foot deep sat for months, unattended. Mold grew all over the house. Now ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo takes us through the house to see just how bad the damage is, and what they might be able to do to fix it. Ron Kilian - Operations Manager at ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo - is full of knowledge and expertise. And he says there's almost no house too damaged that they can't take care of.

So from minor repairs like a ripped screen door, to the major house repairs like a mold remediation...almost nothing is impossible with a renovation mortgage. Just make sure the experts are helping you out. And make sure that you educate yourself as well. Download the eBook "How to buy Foreclosed Homes" here: http://info.amerifirst.com/buying-foreclosed-homes

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Buying Foreclosed Homes Guide

Thank you ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo for helping out on this video. http://smkazoo.com/


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