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5 Christmas Gift Ideas for the New First Time Homeowner

The joy of owning a home is extra special during the holidays, and even more so for someone approaching their first Christmas in a new home. Living rooms are magically warmed by the cozy glow of Christmas tree lights, sweet scents float out from the kitchen as baked goods warm in the oven, and the laughter of visiting family and friends turn a house into a home. If you have one or more people on your Christmas list fortunate to be in a newly purchased home this year, help them celebrate this special event in their life by delighting them with one of these five gift ideas:

5-Christmas-Gift-Ideas-for-the-New-Homeowner_wreath.jpgPhoto Source: Pottery Barn

1. Christmas Decor

Keep in mind their general home decorating style and choose a piece that is easy to place in or outside their home right away. A quality artificial wreath is a great example because it can be used year after year, and can be placed on doors or walls both indoor and outdoor.

5-Christmas-Gift-Ideas-for-the-New-Homeowner_aromatherapy.jpgPhoto Source: KalamazooGift.com 

2. Upscale Aromatherapy Cleaning Products

With all of the entertaining the new homeowner will likely be doing this holiday, they’ll definitely be trying keep the house tidy for guests. Give them cleaning products that are fun to use, leave their rooms with a relaxing aroma, and are in packaging pretty enough to leave out on the counter. With a soothing scent like Basil Blue Sage with Rosemary, these lovely sprays and soaps will turn the task of cleaning the kitchen into a welcomed activity.


Photo Source: Etsy.com 

3. Custom Address Stamp

This gift is sure to make the new homeowner feel official with every correspondence. They can use it right away on the envelopes of thank-you cards for all of their housewarming and Christmas gifts. The only hard part about giving this gift is choosing from the vast array of gorgeous designs!


Photo Source: Crate and Barrel 

4. Decorative Storage/Organization

“A place for everything and everything in its place.” It is the lofty goal of many a homeowner. Help them get there by giving them a beautiful decorative piece that doubles as storage or organization. A versatile three-tier basket like the one shown above would be great for holding anything from fruit in the kitchen to beauty supplies in the bathroom.

5. Hardware Store Gift Card

(*with accompaniment!) - Every new homeowner can use a gift card to the hardware store. Look up what stores are nearest their home (Lowe’s, Home Depot, Menards, Ace, etc.) and choose one they can easily shop at. Rather than simply throwing the gift card in an envelope, pick up a nice handmade pie from a local bakery, place the gift card and handwritten note on top and tie it up with a satin ribbon. That little extra touch will make a big impact on the thoughtfulness of your gift.

DIY Home Decor Guide 


5-Christmas-Gift-Ideas-for-the-New-Homeowner_lindsey-wilson.jpgAbout the author: Lindsey Wilson is the owner of Kalamazoo Gift Company, a national online gifting service. (KalamazooGift.com). You can also follow her on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/KalamazooGiftCompany) and Pinterest (http://www.pinterest.com/kalamazoogift)



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