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DIY Home Decor: Turn a Spare Bedroom into the Closet of Your Dreams

Photo by jingdianjiaju1 via Flickr

When asked what they want in a home, most people prefer air conditioning. The second most important feature is a walk-in closet, according to the 2013 Profile of Buyers’ Home Feature Preferences survey from the National Association of Realtors.

Furthermore, 60 percent of those who ended up buying a house without a walk-in closet would have been willing to spend $1,350 more to get this feature, according to the survey. If you don't have a big closet at home but you do have at least four bedrooms, turn one of those extra rooms into a closet you'll visit every day. It might mean extra cash when you go to sell the house.


Add a New Coat of Paint

Instantly revive the walls in your new closet by adding a new coat of paint. The right color for your closet boils down to your tastes and preferences. You might stick with bright white, so that you can see the color of your clothes clearly against the wall. You also can pick a bright and bold color to make the room look more exciting and to shift the focal point to the walls.


Bring in Storage Units

You're going to need something to hold your clothing, shoes and accessories. Look for shelves to hold your shoes, drawer units for your unmentionables, and knitwear and clothing racks to hold your hanging garments. Decide whether you want units that need to attach to the wall or can stand by themselves. Free-standing units might be better if you aren't handy with a drill or don't want to commit to something permanent.

Photo by Midtown Crossing at Turner Park via Flickr

Pick a closet system that fits your budget. You can mix and match drawer units, shelving units and clothing racks to build a system that meets your needs. The Elfa Design Center from the Container Store lets you design your own storage system. You also can get help from the retailer's team of designers. If your budget's a bit tighter, head to Ikea for a closet system that's a bit less expensive but still fully customizable.


Give Yourself Some Privacy

Most closets don't have windows, and for good reason. Since you're turning a bedroom into a closet, you'll want to cover up the windows for privacy. Choose contemporary window treatments that coordinate with the color you've painted the walls and that go with your overall sense of style. For example, wood blinds will add a bit of warmth to your closet while Roman shades look sleek. Consider hanging drapes in the windows if you're creating a closet that's elegant and dramatic.


Create a Place to Sit

black and white chaise

Photo of a Chaise lounge by Wickerfurniture via Flickr

Having a room-sized closet means you have room to add seating, so that you can actually sit down and plan out your outfit for the day. Put a comfortable armchair or chaise lounge in the room to sit on while you put on your shoes, for example. You can also put a vanity with a chair in the room so that you have a spot to put on your accessories and makeup.


Get Organized

Your new closet won't help you get dressed more quickly or allow you to see your clothing choices if it's not organized. Group your clothing by type, such as long-sleeved shirts, skirts and jeans. Once items are sorted by type, you can choose to sort them by color. Another option is to group clothing together by outfits. For example, pair your pencil skirts with the blouses you usually wear with them so it's easier to find the perfect outfit in the morning without the hassle.


Ultimate Guide to Renovation Loans

Author bio: Rebekah Saner is an aspiring interior designer who enjoys furnishing her rental properties with mid-century modern furniture

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