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The Benefits Of Spray Foam Insulation | Home Improvement Projects

The Benefits Of Spray Foam Insulation

The pain your budget feels this winter is severe. With frigid temps across the country and some serious problems in energy costs like natural gas, utility bills have become a problem. One solution to this issue is better insulation. 

The more you insulate and prepare now, the better off you'll be next year - or even this summer. The question you need to answer is what kind of insulation will you use?

Some of the answer you'll get lies in how you're using the insulation. Is it in the attic? In your walls? New construction or remodeling? 

In this video below we talk to an insulation expert. Yes, he sells the product he's talking about. But it's not a sales pitch. The insulation you're going to see has benefits and drawbacks, just like any product. Take a look at how spray foam insulation works, and decide if it's right for your home.

See the embedded video here - The Benefits Of Spray Foam Insulation

Joe Blood, Co-owner of Spartan insulation talks about the different types of spray foam and what types of applications they are best suited. In a basement or crawl space type setting closed cell foam if recommended over open cell foam because if its ability to stop air flow and it's mold and moisture resistant so no vapor barrier is needed. Two inches of closed cell foam on your outside walls will give you an R 13 value. By insulating your basement, you're keeping the heat in, which will improve overall comfort and help over all with your heating and cooling bills. By keeping your home at a more constant temperature your furnace or air conditioner will run less often keeping your energy use down improving the energy efficiency of your home saving you money. Most homeowners can expect to see a twenty to fifty percent savings. Spray foam will run two to three times more than standard fiberglass bat or cellulose, but what you're going to see is a much quicker return on your investment than you would with fiberglass. 

Special Thanks to Joe Blood of Spartan Insulation

Whether it's an insulation project or some other remodeling project you're thinking about, this winter weather just may have you looking toward spring. Download our guide below for your spring home improvement projects - to help you decide whether you should take on DIY projects or maybe refinance and remodel.


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