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Top 5 Components of a Smart Home

Posted by Guest on Wed, Jun 4, 2014

Keeping up with the whole idea of smart technology has gone beyond handheld devices to various pieces of home furniture. The idea of a smart house began in the 1980s where it is defined as a technology used in homes to provide safety, convenience, and economic benefits. Smart homes in the 21st century has applied automation technology in every manual operation thus giving home owners full control of their home without sacrificing safety and ease of access.

According to realestate.msn.com, the latest trend involves the smart phone technology allowing you to access various parts of the house even if your hundreds of miles away. But what components does a typical smart home have? These top 5 essential systems will surely turn your conventional home to the smart home every homeowner wants to have. 

Top 5 Components of a Smart Home 1

5. Ventilation, Heating and Air Conditioning System

Every smart home requires a proper heating, ventilation, and cooling system that work much more than programmable thermostats and timer controls. In countries that experience extreme weather conditions, smart home technology on heating, ventilation, and cooling system is important to give you access even when you're halfway around the globe. With an automated system monitoring or programs to keep your home well-insulated or ventilated, you are also cutting down on your energy bills.

Moreover, having this smart technology keeps you free from small tasks such as adjusting the insulation at home. This saves you the time and energy as you have remote access throughout your home and even automatically adjust by itself depending on the changes in temperature to the current weather.

4. Centralized Lighting System

With a single click of a button, or a flip of a switch, you could already turn off all the lights in your house. No, I’m not talking about the circuit breaker, I’m talking about a centralized lighting system control that enables you to have lights in selected rooms to brighten or even set to a dim level depending on your choice. Other than having remote access to all the lights at home, this system also allows you to program your desired brightness in every room of your house. Lights can shut off automatically when not needed, and even turn on when needed. Who wouldn’t want this type of smart home system right?

Top 5 Components of a Smart Home 2

3. Automated Appliances and Furniture

Smart home systems offer voice-automated appliances such as motorized shades and blinds, entertainment systems, lawn sprinklers, and even lights. Having these automated appliances at home relieves you of the laborious tasks especially when you are already old. Voice recognition software products are made available for smart home owners to easily program simple commands to your smart home.  

2. Intercoms

Smart home technology gives full credit to communication as a key tool in keeping the house safe and sound. With telephones & intercoms installed all around the house, communication won’t be a problem especially if you are living in an estate. You don’t have to shout your way to talk to a person on the first floor or let everyone in the household that you have run out of napkins. Intercoms allow ease of communication throughout your household while streamlining your way through common tasks. With this level of convenience, who wouldn’t want to build and purchase your own smart home?

Top 5 Components of a Smart Home 3

1. Security System

The top component for every smart home is the security system. Having a smart home requires full security since this is vital to keep you and your property safe from harm. With the increase of violence out in the news today, security systems are important to every home owner. Having a security system installed in your home includes installation of wired surveillance cameras, motion sensors, smoke detectors, fingerprint or eye scanners, and the likes. With all these installed, you could definitely prevent burglary from occurring.

Even from a remote location, the homeowner could check or access the surveillance camera system and view a live feed of your home. This technology also allows homeowners to know if a window or door is left ajar or open. This allows a homeowner not to leave the house open to vulnerability. In times like these, alarm systems, especially those that offer hidden surveillance cameras are crucial to keep a lookout on thieves and burglary prevention.

If you are interested to keep your home safe from preying burglars, then go to your nearest alarm store and have your home security systems installed. Cameras may range from a variety such as wired cameras, wireless surveillance cameras, hidden cameras, and IP surveillance cameras. Having a complete alarm system at your home may be expensive but it is a sure and spotless way to give you a good night’s sleep without having to worry about burglars from entering your home.

Having these smart home components ventilation, heating, air conditioning, centralized lighting system, automated appliances, intercoms, and security system at home will surely give you security, accessibility, and comfort in your everyday living. Making your home fully-automated may cost you a lot of money with the high-end security alarm systems, voice-controlled blinds, or centralized lighting. Although these five components may seem hard on your budget, there are a number of benefits you and your family will experience in the long run.

First of these, is the improved value of your home. In case you have to sell your property, these five essentials can serve as an attractive feature to home buyers. Security is an important aspect that most buyers look out for and having a complete alarm and surveillance equipment is enough to make them say yes. Second, these components ensure lower insurance rates. Insurance companies calculate risks of each home according to many factors, one of which is security. If your home is highly secured from burglars, fires, and other threats, then insurance companies will consider this as a low-risk investment, thus lowering your insurance costs.

With the smart home technology concept working for over 50 years, spending for this type of technology is a worthwhile investment as this adds value to your property while providing its homeowners convenience, comfort, and control in your property. This 21st century, it’s not just the owner that should be smart, even your home should be smart too!

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Author bio: Kimberly Grimms is a futurist, a writer and a mom. She mostly writes about parenting, sustainability, and new media. 

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