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7 Ways a Rural Development Mortgage Will Change Your World

rural development mortgage hay balesSince a rural development mortgage funds 100-percent of the appraised value of a home, a buyer doesn't have to have a down payment. Sounds pretty simple. There are several life-changing factors that could come with a mortgage loan like this. Think about what a zero-down payment mortgage would do for you!

We can't look at every positive effect this would have on you. However, we came up with list of 7! A rural development mortgage will change your world because it will:

  1. Save you money. With 100% financing, you can hang onto your savings account.
  2. Get you out of the city. Let's face it, city life is different from rural! Whether it's the constant traffic or the pollution, living in the city can give you a headache. Think of the RD loan as a pain reliever for your soul.
  3. Keep you from wasting money on rent. This mortgage program is great for first time home buyers.
  4. Mean you'll have a lawn to mow (probably). With a rural development mortgage, you'll more-than-likely end up with at least a little more land than a city dwelling!
  5. You can have pets! Get out of your renters nightmare where you can't have pets and get into a home where you can finally get a puppy AND a kitten! 
  6. Give you the option to avoid buying an old, lived-in house. Many first time home buyers have to buy a fixer-upper and work on things around the house. New construction is covered by the RD loan program.
  7. Get closer to Grandma. Hear us out, as this may take a minute to explain. You can use gifts on a rural development mortgage. Grandma's love giving gifts. Grandma would love to see you in a house. Ergo, Grandma will be happy to help you buy an RD home and be closer to you
*We don't know your Grandma, so this may or may not be true. Also, your Grandpa may want to help, too. But we don't know him, either. So good luck.

(hay bales: Flickr user Dan Moyle)

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