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Add a Garage to Your House with the FHA 203k Renovation Loan

Not All Garages are Created Equal

The FHA 203k is such a versatile renovation loan, it's sometimes hard to say what home improvements are eligible for financing because so many projects are covered. Even adding a garage onto your property can fall under FHA 203k financing in the right scenarios. Since this mortgage option is an FHA product, it must meet FHA health and safety standards. If the current garage is a safety problem, replacing it can be done with this type of financing. You also must have like-properties to comare your project to, ensuring that the improvements will add the right value within the neighborhood.

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Below are some examples of garage construction projects and whether they would likely be approved or not approved for an FHA 203k renovation loan. Again, as long as you have “like” comparables in the area that support such a garage style, these photos should tell the story. 

FHA-203k-garage-1-okay.jpgFHA-203k-garage-2-okay.jpg FHA-203k-garage-3-not-okay.jpg FHA-203k-garage-4-not-okay.jpg FHA-203k-garage-5-not-okay.jpg FHA-203k-garage-6-not-okay.jpgRemember, that outbuildings are not allowed to be part of a 203k renovation project. The garage must act as a garage and look like a garage. A regular 2 car garage is 20x22 (440 sq. ft. ) A 3-car is 30x22 (660 square feet) Those should act as your basis.

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Our Ultimate Guide  to Renovation Loans

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