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Housing Market Stability: Good News for Foreclosure Investments

Posted by Dan Moyle on Thu, May 17, 2012

housing market foreclosure signRecent news reports cite fewer US homes foreclosed on in April. This is great news for homeowners and lenders alike. Fewer foreclosures mean more people are keeping their homes in the current housing market. That said, there are still plenty of homes on the real estate market that are foreclosed, in-process or bank-owned. And these homes are often an investment opportunity for home buyers.

There is reason to celebrate for those who made foreclosure investments. The current housing market trends indicate that it is becoming more stable. Despite the fact that the market is still quite low, there are definite signs of revival in the sector of construction as well as in  property prices and the number of sales being made.

Even modest improvements in the sector translate into good profits for foreclosure and short sale investors who can sell the properties they invested in when the market was low. The trend will benefit the entire market as people once again dip a toe into the real estate market even for new houses.

Apart from more profits from foreclosures, the positive housing market trends will give buyers more choices. Foreclosure investors took up as many properties as they could while they could in a low market so buyers have more options including of properties in prime locations that would  otherwise have been out of their reach if the property was available as new.

Buyers should also take advantage of the beginning of the revival of the market to negotiate for the best rates possible. Those who are able to should put down deposits as soon as they find a house that they like. After the lull during which there were very low sales and investors putting money down for as many foreclosed properties as they could, they are eager to make sales. With time, the demand for houses will rise and the prices will creep up correspondingly.

Those who had planned to make investments on foreclosures with the aim of making income from renting out should also strike now while the iron is hot. This is the time to go for the still affordable foreclosures are going for, rehabilitate them if necessary and have them ready for renters. As the upswing continues and the housing market becomes more and more vibrant, the income for rental properties will also go up.

Different states are seeing different rates of revival. Even as you keep an eye on the current housing market trends, it would be wise to do so with a foot in the market. This is a good time to get in touch with a realtor or agent and inform them of the kind of foreclosed property you wish to buy. Get on their list so that they can start the search while the prices are still in your favor.

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