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Kids Bedroom Remodeling Design

pinterest kids room remodeling design loft bed

Is there anything cooler than a cool kids room? Imagine having your very own loft bed and bright colors just like this design pictured. It's a great design "hack" from GeekDad and an Ikea bed.

I love the loft bed idea first of all. How cool is it to have your bed just below the ceiling? I think almost every kid dreams of bunk beds. In this case here, both beds are "top bunk."

The other thing that struck me about this remodeling design is the use of bright, fun colors. You probably wouldn't want to try this in the master bedroom of your house, but it works well for the kids room!


Once the beds are up near the ceiling, the floor space is open for a desk, storage and decorative shelving. You could have a dresser under the bed, or as pictured here a tall cabinet. It's a great design idea and the "instructions" are in the original article.


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