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DIY Home Decorating Craft Idea: High Heel Wine Bottle Holder

pinterest high heel wine bottle holderLove shoes? Love wine? Why not combine the 2 with a high heel shoe wine bottle holder? This DIY home decorating idea struck as the perfect one to share with all the wine experts who love shoes.

Looking at the photo, it appears the holder really is just a shoe. Whether that's the case or this is a clever design, it seems fitting for the shoe-loving wine drinker in your life.

If you like what you see here, poke around on Pinterest - including our boards - for more DIY home decorating tips and inspiration. We even published a new eBook with you in mind. Download "DIY Home Improvements: The Ultimate Pinterest Guide" at the button below. From the kitchen (including a card catalog wine bottle holder) to the deck and everything in between, this guide covers your home decorating dreams and more.

DIY Home Decor Guide

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