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12 DIY Home Improvement Projects for a Creatively Decorated House

12 DIY Home Improvement Projects for a Creatively Decorated HouseDecorating your home doesn't have to be expensive or a long term look. Use these 12 tips to find creative ways to change the look of your home, whether it's for a few weeks or the foreseeable future. Most of these DIY home improvement tips don't require any special equipment or expertise, and when you're done, your home will be uniquely yours. 


  1. Buy framed pictures at thrift stores and remove the existing picture. Make your own from your photos. You can get enlargements made from digital photos at office supply stores, big box retailers or online. 
  2. Use stencils to paint your own designs on walls as borders or on the ceiling. Use glow in the dark paint for a fun change of pace.
  3. Gather some old magazines and cut the colorful pictures into tiny pieces. Reassemble the pieces to create your own collage on heavy paper. 
  4. Make your own hanging mobiles from twigs, driftwood or brightly painted dowels. Hang objects sized proportionally to the horizontal members. Drill holes or use clear glues to attach the strings or wires to the objects you choose.
  5. Seasonally decorate your home using natural materials. Fall leaves, cuttings from evergreens, dried flowers and rocks can be displayed in groupings. 
  6. Make dough with salt, flour and water. You can shape it, bake it or roll it out and use cookie cutters or knives to create your own shapes. Air dry it or bake it in a warm oven and decorate it any way you want. 
  7. Choose decorative throws to protect your furniture from kids with sticky fingers or reduce the pet hair on the couch or chairs. Throws are easy to wash and store.
  8. When you see a rug you can't refuse, find a place to hang it if your floors have all they need or you don't want any feet on it.
  9. Grow a vertical garden in a sunny window. You can grow just about anything year-round and greens or herbs are easy to grow in small pots. You can also do this outside using wood pallets.
  10. Change a dull grey patio slab into something dynamic by using colored masonry paints and your imagination.  
  11. Build a fire pit in the back yard. You might be able to use it year-round as long as it's OK to burn in your jurisdiction or neighborhood.
  12. Change out your house numbers. Find colorful ones at home centers or online. 

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