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7 DIY Home Decor Projects to do with Your Kids

Father sowing with Daughter


When it's time to add a little color and spice to your home, let the kids in on the fun! DIY home decor projects with the kids make for great family time and will enhance your child's problem-solving and direction-following skills. Plus, everyone gets to get a little messy together in the kitchen!


Here are 7 DIY Home Decor Projects that the whole family can enjoy:

  1. No-Sew Fabric Flowers. Gather up fabric scraps for the petals, wooden sticks for the stems, and a sponge to hold them upright to liven up your home with a few folds of fabric and a glue gun. 
  2. Jar Vase. Keep your newly created flowers on the coffee table in a customized vase made from an empty jar. Make sure to mix the acrylic or tempera paints with glue to ensure that the paint sticks to the jar. Once the paint is dry, seal the vase with a coat of glaze and you're done!
  3. Flower Pots. Brighten up the kitchen counter or make a thoughtful gift by painting clay pots any color of the rainbow.  All you need is outdoor acrylic paint (doesn't required additional sealers this way) and a paintbrush. You can use one color for the top and another color for the pot. Once the paint is dry, have fun choosing a seasonal flower or houseplant to plant in the pot to complete the project. 
  4. Kooky Clock. Give your plain mantle clock new life with a bit of glue and beads, buttons, and any other endless delights that you and your child discover.
  5. Tissue Paper Picture Frames. Kids and adults alike will love to cut tissue paper designs to create colorful picture frames. Gather your favorite colors of tissue for the designs, seal them with decoupage, and let them dry for memorable frames to showcase your memories.
  6. Colorful File Cabinet. Cover stacked shipping boxes with wrapping paper and use colored duct tape to hold them together to create a quirky, colorful organizer.
  7. Clothes Hanger Magazine Rack. Kids can learn the benefits of recycling by bending old wire hanger arms into a V shape, and bending the curved part of the hanger downward to give the rack stability. Adding colors with ribbon, paints, or colored tape will add brightness to any library or living room. 

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