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DIY Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for this Winter


A bathroom that is well done and heated can lift the spirits as one uses it.  A DIY bathroom remodel project can transform your bathroom to a space where you step in for a warm bath or shower and come out with a warm heart as well.

The best remodeling that can be done for a bathroom in winter changes how the room looks and feels but also saves on energy. The following ideas achieve these two goals.

  • Warm walls 

The largest savings on household energy consumption will come from insulating the walls. Insulation can be done on the inside of the external walls. It is extensive work that includes having the tiles and fittings removed and having others fitted in when the walls are done. It takes time and can cost quite a bit but it pays for itself in energy savings over time.

  • Warm steps

Stepping onto a cold floor after a warm bath or shower can be jarring. Consider insulating the floor as you do the walls to avoid having to have  the floor tiles removed for insulation at a later time. 

  • Water heating

Even if it appears to be in good condition, it is wise to check on the boiler before the cold season sets in. If you have had the same boiler for 10 years or more, consider getting a new one. A good choice is those that  run on solar energy. You may even choose  your boiler to move it to the bathroom if it is in the kitchen. Get one with controls that make it possible to control temperatures so that water does not always go to a boil when this is not necessary.

If water is heated with a hot water cylinder in your bathroom, ensure that it is kept well insulated. Check that the thermostat is set to 60°C.

  • Insulate the pipes

Another way to ensure you have a warm bathroom is to insulate the hot water pipes. It will also involve a bit of work because pipes are usually well hidden but the pay off in long term energy savings will be worth it.

  • Aerated fixtures

A shower head that is aerated will reduce energy as well as water consumption. The same is true of taps that are aerated. An aerated shower head will use less water while giving high flow.  While changing shower heads, consider installing double shower heads. The stream from both will keep you warm as you shower.

Find this bathroom remodeling idea and many more for your house with our free guide, "DIY Home Improvements Ultimate Pinterest Guide" at the button below.

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