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Want to Move a House? FHA 203k to the Rescue

Posted by Dan Moyle on Tue, Mar 19, 2013

Want to Move a House FHA 203k to the Rescue

You've probably seen the stories on your local newscast. Someone buys a house and moves kt to a new location. Firetrucks and police help lead the way as the house gets moved slowly through a town on a big trailer. Maybe there's someone moving stoplights and trimming trees along the way. It's a huge indertaking, and it makes for a great spectator sport.

If you're someone who's considered moving a house, or maybe you love a house but the locaiton isn't right, then you need to hear this story about a mortgage loan option that can help finance the actual moving of a home.

National FHA 203k expert Joe Daly shares a story of how he helped homeowners and buyers move homes bought at pennies on the dollar, and move them to a new lot with the FHA 203k. Houses bought by an expanding airport and sold to prospective buyers and former owners were moved by trucks to new parcels of land using the 203k loan.

With the 203k these buyers financed the home purchase, the moving of the building, the placement of the home and necessary work after that like landscaping and utilities. Imagine moving your home and financing all of the costs involved right into one monthly payment.

See the embedded video here - Want to Move a House? FHA 203k to the Rescue

Now, is this a normal situation? No. Is it right for all buyers? Of course not. But it is pretty impressive that a lender would finance the purchase and moving of a house. And it's with a tried-and-true system from a well known mortgage securities insurer: FHA.

Learn more about this option for buying a home. It doesn't have to be a house you're moving. It could be a fixer upper that needs some TLC. Maybe the house needs a new paint job and new carpet. Maybe you want to do a little kitchen remodeling. Or maybe the house you love doesn't have a furnace or updated plumbing. All of these situations might be solved with the FHA 203k loan. Learn all about it at the button below.

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