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Does an Attached Garage Add more Value to a Home? 60 Second Mortgage Tip

Does it matter if your home has an attached garage? What if you're looking for your first home and you're not sure what kind of investment you should put into it? 

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Here’s a great question we received we thought was valuable: Does an attached Garage add more value to a home then a non-attached garage? Or do garages not affect it at all? So here’s the thing: garages can definitely add value to your home. One factor on just how much value is where your home is. Let’s say you’re in a state where weather is important – seasons like winter & snow. A garage is more valuable to those homeowners than a part-time home in a temperate area. As far as detached versus attached, that’s most affected by what similar homes in the area have. If all your neighbors have an attached garage and your home doesn’t, you’ll likely see the effect of a lower value.

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