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Home Values Increasing for Second Straight Year


Looking to buy a home in 2018? If so, you’ll be able to apply for a larger conventional mortgage with the recent announcement that we’re increasing our single-family loan limits to $453,100 in 2018.

Home values are rising across the nation. According to the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), an independent regulator of the secondary mortgage market including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, housing prices have risen 6.8 percent over a year’s time.

This is good news in today’s tight housing market where demand continues to outpace supply, as the increase in loan limits will enable many more families to qualify for the loan programs they need to achieve homeownership.

You can also expect: 

  • Larger inventory of homes.
    Homebuyers will have a larger inventory of homes to choose from and still take advantage of Fannie Mae backed loans with as little as three percent down.

  • Increased purchasing power.
    Buyers may now have the opportunity to purchase a home with an extra bedroom, a remodeled kitchen, additional square footage or a more desirable location.

  • Higher-priced market options.
    The loan-limit increase will also give first-time homebuyers in high-priced markets more options.

  • Cash-out refinance.
    Now could be the time for homeowners to tap some of their home’s value in a cash-out refinance to make improvements to their homes and property. This adds value to their homes when it comes time to sell.


The increase in the baseline loan limit is mandated by the Housing and Economic Recovery Act (HERA). This is the second straight year that the baseline loan limit has increased since 2006.

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Janet Veach
Janet Veach
Janet Veach is the Communications Specialist for AmeriFirst Home Mortgage. As the former Communications Director with the Alzheimer’s Association in Central Illinois, she believes that building strong relationships leads to dynamic partnerships that can dramatically improve our neighborhoods and communities. The mother of three sons, she has heard many a good story, and specializes in creating content that educates, communicates our core values and promotes genuine relationships with our customers.

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