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10 Hotel Design Ideas to Add to Your Home

Posted by Janet Veach on Mon, Aug 7, 2017

Sometimes the best part of a trip is spending time in your luxurious hotel room, wrapped in a soft, plush robe, sipping hot coffee and appreciating the soothing ambiance.  While you do eventually have to go home, you can take some of that tranquil feeling with you by upgrading your digs with these 10-hotel inspired décor and design ideas.



1.     Bedding

Outfit your bed to take center stage by focusing on the details: begin by investing in a set of crisp, white sheets that are at least 300-thread count of any material that feels good to you. Fine hotels also coddle their guests by offering lots of layers and by splurging on deep pillow-top mattresses. You can get this same luxurious experience by placing a down featherbed or down or lamb’s wool mattress topper on your bed.

Loving those large, square pillows, or Euro pillows, that anchor the back of your hotel bed? Oversized pillows offer visual impact, are functional and can add personality to your room. Try layering decorative pillows in a limited color palette and have fun playing with various textures and patterns.

2.     Headboard

Most hotel beds boast prominent headboards because managers know that guests like to be able to sit up and check their devices, watch TV, or eat. Decor-wise, a headboard is also a chance to make a visual statement since the bed is the focal point of the room. You can add your own statement by hanging fabric or wallpaper over your headboard, or paint the headboard area to mimic one, and pile on big bolster pillows so you can prop yourself up in comfort. 

3.     Pile on the Towels

Just as with sheets, good hotels never skimp on towels. And just like sheets, hotel towels tend to be white. White towels send a positive message – of cleanliness, warmth and comfort. It’s a snap to switch out colored or patterned towels for thick, plush white ones.

4.      Mirrors

Hotels use mirrors as decoration, but also to highlight the best features of the room so people see it twice. Strategically placing mirrors in your home will make your space appear larger and, in addition to extra lighting, can elongate a room for a more extravagant style.

5.     Keep it Fresh with Flowers

Right along with the bellman who transports your bags, you can almost certainly find a bouquet of fresh flowers in the lobby of your favorite boutique hotel. Whether you’re picking daisies from your garden, or tulips from the Farmer’s Market, a stunning floral bouquet is a small trick that can make your abode feel homey and elegant.


6.      Ceiling Light Fixtures

A grand hotel entrance usually features glamorous and dramatic lighting. You can easily upgrade your entryway with an eye-catching light fixture that creates a nice focal point for guests as they arrive. Select fixtures that complement the architecture and design of your home while casting the right glow.

7.     Display artwork from local artists

Many luxury hotels display local artwork to help build their identity and promote their region’s culture. You can too!  Add interest to your home and support your local artists by displaying their pieces on your walls. Local artwork in your home also makes perfect conversation starters.

8.     Opt for Oversized Furniture

Large, cushy couches in elegant hotel lobbies are perfect for socializing and they can do the same for your home. Do you live in a small house? No worries – there’s no need to shy away from over-scale furniture in small homes or rooms as they can make a space feel larger than smaller, and they evoke an air of warmth and comfort.

9.     Decorate in Pairs

Hotel rooms rely on symmetry – matching bedside lamps and tables, an even number of pillows, or paired artwork – to provide a calm, relaxing environment. This kind of visual harmony is soothing to our overstimulated lives and implies that this is a place to unwind. You can easily add a sense of balance in your home by doubling up on everything from chairs to end tables to floor lamps, creating two matching halves that add up to one gorgeous room.

10.  Low Lighting

During the day, hotels open the curtains and let in as much natural light as possible. In the evening, they switch to soft-set lighting to create mood and ambiance. The low lighting allows you to feel more comfortable and relaxed. If you want hotel lighting in your home, get creative with your lighting. Place lamps next to your bedside for an easy reach switch or add some sophistication to your room by adding subdued lighting to your headboard.


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