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What Do I Need to Bring When Applying for a Home Loan

It's a very popular question, asked in different ways from different borrowers. The bottom line is that home buyers want to know what to bring with them when applying for a home loan. We offer you a short video with a concise answer. Watch our 60 Second Mortgage Tip below.

How Long Do I Have to Live in a House with FHA 203k?

It's propbably the most-used renovation loan in the housing market: FHA 203k. This mortgage loan option helps home buyers purchase and fix up a home with one mortgage, one interest rate, one payment. The caveat to this mortgage is that the house must be your actual home, not an investment home or a second home. 

Does an Attached Garage Add more Value to a Home? l 60 Second Mortgage Tip

Does it matter if your home has an attached garage? What if you're looking for your first home and you're not sure what kind of investment you should put into it? 

Why is a Real Property Survey not Standard When Buying a Home?

Buying your first home and not sure if you should have a survey done? Surprised to see no mention of a survey as a requirement in your mortgage paperwork? Whatever the case, if you're wondering about a real property survey and why it's not part of the home buying process, we have you covered. The 60 Second Mortgage Tip below answers the question - and in under a minute!

You Can Make the Payments But Can You Really Afford that First Home?

There's a big difference between affording a home, and being able to make the house payment. In fact, it's a major reason so many people had problems when the housing market took a downturn. You see, some lenders out there let people borrow more money than they realistically had the budget for. 

What is APR and How is it Calculated? | 60 Second Mortgage Tip

It's a mortgage term often found in the fine print. Do you know what an APR is and how it's calculated? We break down this complicated financial question into a 60 Second Mortgage Tip below.

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