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How Can I Pay My Mortgage with AmeriFirst Home Mortgage?

Updated 10/01/16 to include our new Customer Care hours and phone number! Home buyers with a mortgage loan through AmeriFirst Home Mortgage enjoy several benefits. One of them is local service. AmeriFirst retains servicing of most of its loans. We do not sell servicing to big banks. This means when you close with AmeriFirst Home Mortgage, you pay your mortgage to AmeriFirst. You can call us with questions and talk to the AmeriFirst Customer Care department. They're local, too. No call centers here.

How the FHA 203k Helped a Cincinnati Couple Begin to Revitalize a Community

We love to hear success stories from home buyers. It's a great way to see how we might improve the process. We learn what went well and what fell short during the journey. It's also a wonderful window into how the road to buying a home might be unique while having common points of interest along the way. AmeriFirst Home Mortgage branch manager & mortgage consultant John A Insco helped one couple through the process of buying their historic home in Cincinnati. While they had some difficult times, as renovation mortgages can sometimes include, you can see the homeowner is happy with the outcome with their FHA 203k.

Sold a Home in Michigan? You May be Entitled to a Transfer Tax Refund

Refunds are nice, aren't they? A refund from your government is even nicer, it seems. We're sharing this information so you can see if you might be due a refund from the State of Michigan. 

First Time Homeowner Alert: Utility Bill Scam

Owning your first home is exciting. It can also be a bit scary, as you may not be aware of certain scams aimed at taking your hard-earned money. One way to protect yourself is to make sure you're only dealing directly with your utility companies, rather than a third-party or random phone caller. A national association looking out for consumers has issued an alert about a scam across the country you should be aware of. This is especially important for a first time homeowner who may not have experience with utilities not connected to their rent.

Wells Fargo Lowers FICO Scores for FHA Loans: What Does it Mean?

There’s talk in the news and throughout the housing market industry that lending giant Wells Fargo is lowering credit scores it requires for prospective home buyers financing with FHA loans. While this may seem – on the surface at least - like great news for Americans looking to buy a home … we approach this move with cautious optimism.

New Michigan Legislation to Help Disabled Veterans with a VA Loan

Buying a home can be a long process. It can be especially taxing on someone with a disability, like a disabled military veteran. Military veterans sacrifice so much when they serve our country. When a veteran ends up with a disability from their service,

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