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5 Alternatives to Paying a Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payment Service

Paying off your mortgage early is a great thing, and you can do it relatively easily and painlessly. You don't need to pay to join a service (sometimes a couple hundred dollars) then pay a continuing fee to have a third party company pay your mortgage payment. You can do this yourself. Bi-weekly mortgage payments work in a general sense, but the pay-services do not.

Forget Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payments: Just Pay Extra Principal

There are several different options to pay off a mortgage more quickly. Bi-weekly mortgage payments can be made or extra principal can be added to the normal monthly mortgage payment.

Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payment Services: Scam or Service?

DISCLAIMER: This article is merely a question about general bi-weekly mortgage payment services. This does not reflect an opinion of any particular company/service. Comments below are not solicited; they are the opinions of readers weighing in on their own accord.  UPDATE: HousingWire reports fines levied against biweekly mortgage payment services company. I recently had a friend show me a post card he got in the mail that said something like, "You have a mortgage with AmeriFirst Home Mortgage and we can help you pay it off early and save you thousands!" This friend asked if this bi-weekly mortgage service advertisement came from us at AmeriFirst, because he was thinking about paying for it. I decided it was time to bust this myth, for him and for you. Download our Essential Guide to Buying Your First Home here and start planning today!

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