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Four Quick Tips to Improve your Credit Score

 Are you looking to buy a new car, apply for a mortgage or pursue a new career opportunity anytime soon? Then you may also know that your ability to secure a loan, a low interest rate, and even that coveted new career position, is dependent upon a vital piece of financial information – your credit score.

5 Tips to Not Go Broke Before You're 30

Controlling your finances is a topic that many people think about but few talk about. There seems to be a stigma when it comes to talking about finances, no one wants someone else to know where they stand in their financial life. But having control of your finances is a significant part of leading a happy, healthy life. Having a healthy financial portfolio can help to open doors to all sorts of things in life, such as purchasing a new house, a new car, going on that vacation you have always dreamed of, etc.

4 Steps to Ensure Good Credit Scores for First Time Home Buyers

  Credit is important for something as big as buying your first house. Yes it's obvious, but it's often not obvious until it's right in front of your face.  The younger generation of up-and-coming home buyers - labeled in the media as Millennial home buyers - seems to wear the labels of lazy, entitled and broke. Since they're typically recent college graduates, student loan debt weighs heavy on them. However, according to research from LinkedIn and Ipsos, this next generation is actually financially smarter than we give them credit for. Affluent Millennials save more from each paycheck than their Generation X counterparts. This means younger people are planning for the future.

Tips to Build or Improve Credit to Qualify for Your First Time Mortgage

Building or maintaining an acceptable credit score can be hard work. For those of us who don't deal with credit scores on a daily basis it can seem like a daunting task to improve our credit scores in order to qualify for a mortgage. 

Identity Theft and How Thieves Steal It | Crystal's Credit Corner Ep 11

No one starts their day planning to become a victim of identity theft; and yet it happens to thousands of people every day.  What can you do to help protect yourself? We have a few tips here. While it's certainly not a 100% guarantee, hopefully this advice helps. 

A Quick Look At Identity Theft | Crystal's Credit Corner Ep 10

Identity theft is a scary thing. Someone could take your sensitive and private information, and "become" you in order to take your money and credit. While it's a frightening scenario, and does happen every day in the world, it's not something you need to worry about so much that you simply go "off the grid" and stop living in the real world. There are a few things you can do regularly to help protect yourself from the dangers of identity theft. This will help protect your credit portfolio and credit score. For a look at these quick tips, watch our latest video below.

Sifting Through The World Of Credit Repair | Crystal's Credit Corner Ep 9

From junk email to pop-up ads to unsolicited phone calls ... the world of credit repair sure seems to be a shady place. Some of its reputation is earned. Many advertised credit repair services have taken advantage of consumers. Not all of these businesses are bad, but the industry is definitely tarnished. The problem is that some hopeful home buyers need some help with their credit scores. So... how do you find out the right answers to get your credit mortgage-ready? Watch our short video below for a few tips. 

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