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Sifting Through The World Of Credit Repair | Crystal's Credit Corner Ep 9

From junk email to pop-up ads to unsolicited phone calls ... the world of credit repair sure seems to be a shady place. Some of its reputation is earned. Many advertised credit repair services have taken advantage of consumers. Not all of these businesses are bad, but the industry is definitely tarnished. The problem is that some hopeful home buyers need some help with their credit scores. So... how do you find out the right answers to get your credit mortgage-ready? Watch our short video below for a few tips. 

It's Not Too Late To Rebuild Your Credit! | Crystal's Credit Corner Ep 8

Credit repair is a common term in today's world. Unfortunately, it has a bad reputation. Many advertised credit repair services have turned out to be bad business for consumers. Also, credit repair isn't really what goes on when a licensed mortgage consultant helps you get your credit ready for a home loan. It's really rebuilding credit. You have to work on your credit score, rebuilding it when you have blemishes on your credit report. So ... how do you rebuild your credit and get it ready for a mortgage? We have a few tips in this episode of Crystal's Credit Corner. 

Why Did My FICO Score Drop? | Crystal's Credit Corner Ep 7

Dealing with a FICO score while buying a home can be daunting. your credit score is a major factor when it comes to financing your home. So...why would it fall if you're "working" on it? There are several reasons your FICO score might dip, even when you're working to positively impact it. Watch our video below for a few credit tips.    Why Did My FICO Score Drop?

6 Myths, Mistakes and Misconceptions About Credit | Crystal's Credit Corner Ep 6

From credit repair to radio shows to parental advice, a lot has been written or said about getting your credit ready on-track. Some of it is great information. Some of it falls short. It's time to look at some common advice and thoughts on credit, and see what's good and what isn't when it comes to a mortgage loan.

How to Write A Credit Report Dispute Letter | Crystal's Credit Corner Ep 5

Sometimes you just need to be able to explain yourself and argue your point. That's true in life, as well in your financial story. Yes, you have a financial story. We all do. Maybe it's a medical emergency that was in your past. Maybe a divorce that turned ugly.  Sometimes our financial history needs a makeover. That often begins with what's called a credit dispute letter. Watch the video below for what this means, and how you can take this step to begin to improve your credit so you're better equipped to get a mortgage and buy a home. After all, it's important to have a good credit score as a first time home buyer.

5 Steps to Improving Your Credit | Crystal's Credit Corner Ep 4

You'll find a lot of information on the Internet about improving credit. You'll hear on radios and TVs across the country ads for credit repair. You may even get solicitor calls telling you you can bump your credit with a little help. The problem: many of these options cost money. If you already have any kind of issue with credit, you're probably not really ready to pay more money. In this episdoe of Crystal's Credit Corner, we takes a look at 5 things you can do on your own to improve your credit*. We focus home buyers, so much of what we talk about is connected to applying for a mortgage. But it just might help, even if you're just looking for tips to improve your credit in general.

Why Should I Care About My Credit Score? | Crystal's Credit Corner Ep 3

Have we become just a number when it comes to businesses? Is your FICO score what defines you as a person? Why is a credit score so important and why should you care about it? As a hopeful home buyer, you're definitely more than a number. However, financial institutions like mortgage bankers do need to understand your financial history. A FICO score helps us do that. Watch the latest episode of Crystal's Credit Corner for a look at why your credit score is important.

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