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12 DIY Home Improvement Projects for a Creatively Decorated House

Decorating your home doesn't have to be expensive or a long term look. Use these 12 tips to find creative ways to change the look of your home, whether it's for a few weeks or the foreseeable future. Most of these DIY home improvement tips don't require any special equipment or expertise, and when you're done, your home will be uniquely yours.   

How to Add a Second Story to Your Lake House: DIY Home Improvements

What started as a second home on a lake to "get away from it all," began to become a true home for one family. Time on the lake began to become part of their everyday life, and they didn't want to leave the lake cottage once winter began to creep in. But the problems with a lake house as a permanent, year-round home like space and winterization kept them from turning the lake house into home.   

Home Improvement Financing or DIY: What Works Best

You might think that a mortgage company is going to push a home loan for every little home improvement project you may want to do. But here's the thing about doing that: not everyone needs to finance home improvements. It's a shocking truth some lenders don't want you to know. But it's the truth. Not everyone needs to borrow money for home improvement financing, just like not everyone should buy a house.   Sometimes renting is better for some folks, just like some folks can perform do-it-yourself upgrades with no financing.

7 DIY Home Decor Projects to do with Your Kids

  When it's time to add a little color and spice to your home, let the kids in on the fun! DIY home decor projects with the kids make for great family time and will enhance your child's problem-solving and direction-following skills. Plus, everyone gets to get a little messy together in the kitchen!

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