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Home Buying Advice for Seniors

Posted by AmeriFirst Marketing on Fri, Apr 7, 2017

This is an article submitted by a guest author. Not all views expressed are those of AmeriFirst Home Mortgage or its employees. 

Having a place to call home is a central part of everyone’s life. Many believe that home-buying is a task only to be taken on by young families, however there are some people who are making the decision to purchase homes later in life. The age group classified as “seniors” span over 40 years, starting at age 50. Because people are living longer, healthier lives, deciding to purchase a home after 50 is actually not as uncommon as you might think. If you are considering purchasing a home for the first time, or downsizing to a smaller place of residence, here are a few tips for you! 

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After Closing: What to do When You've Sold Your Home

Posted by AmeriFirst Marketing on Thu, Jun 23, 2016

Selling your home can help you lock in gains that you have earned over several years. It can also make it easier to downsize or move to a house that best fits your needs. However, selling your home is only the first step in that process. What are some other steps that you need to take after you close on the sale of your home? 

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Is it Time to Migrate to a Smaller Nest?

Posted by Jill Perney on Thu, Oct 22, 2015

Flying the Coop to Downsize

Life can present many situations that lead you (or force you) in to downsizing. Whether your decision is voluntary or necessary, there can be many benefits to flying the coop and settling in a smaller nest. Here are just a few benefits and tips to keep in mind if you’re considering a move.

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8 Tips for Buying Furniture for a Small House

Posted by Jill Perney on Mon, Oct 5, 2015

Living Simply in Small Places

Whether you’re looking to buy a small house as your first home, or your downsizing to something smaller, it can seem daunting to either find furniture for your smaller home, or fit what you already have inside!

Here are 8 tips and tricks for creating space, fitting your stuff, or buying new.

1. Use Small Scale Furniture. It seems obvious, but choose furniture that is scaled to your space. A gigantic sectional sofa may not make sense for a 650 square foot studio apartment. Instead try for a smaller scale sofa that doesn’t have wide arms that take up more valuable space. Keeping your furniture smaller scale will keep the room from being over cluttered and non-functional.

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6 Ways to Make your Yard Bird Friendly - No Matter the Size

Posted by Jill Perney on Thu, Sep 24, 2015

Let Your Yard Go to the Birds

No matter if you have an expansive estate, or a small yard behind your townhouse, there numerous things you can do to create a bird and bug friendly environment. From focusing on planting native plants, to providing year round water, here are 6 ways to help encourage birds to your yard.

1. Provide water throughout the year. This could be as simple as a bird bath, or as complex as a pond or water feature. Just be sure to regularly clean and freshen the water in the bath, and use a small heater in winter to keep the water from freezing. Also be sure to keep your water source away from shrubs and bushes that can hide predators.

Interested in adding a pond? Check our our blog here for some ideas!

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5 Tips for Landscaping Around Your Small House

Posted by Jill Perney on Mon, Sep 14, 2015

Landscaping For a Small Yard

Just like the small house that you live in, a bit of strategic planning and good use of space can transform your small yard into a lush oasis able to take you away from all the stress and hurry of everyday life.

Here are 5 tips to help you create your own little slice of heaven:

1. Outdoor rooms. Think of your yard like you think of the inside of your home. Break the space up into different areas, and carve out little outdoor “rooms”. By breaking up the space you can actually make it seem larger since you’ll be able to look out at the space and see all the “rooms” at once. These multiple focal points can also create little visual surprises throughout the space.

2. The four seasons. Plan your plantings ahead of time so you can enjoy your garden in all seasons. By taking the time to plant flowers, shrubs, and trees that bloom at different times and spread throughout the year, you won’t actually make your garden larger, but you’ll be able to enjoy it in all seasons. Yes, I know plants don’t normally bloom in the winter, but think about how different plants and bushes will look in the snow. Ornamental grasses and boxwoods will still give you color, shape, and texture throughout the year.

Learn more about your options for financing your own small slice of paradise.

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