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What Does it Take to Maintain a Home Each Year?

Life is busy. Kids, work, meals, appointments - the list goes on. And no matter where you live, you also have to spend time keeping your home safe and running smoothly. We've put together a Yearly Homeowner's Checklist, with tasks for each month, to help remind you of common home maintenance chores to make your life just a little bit easier. 

Indiana Home Buyers Enjoy 3rd Lowest Closing Costs

According to our AmeriFirst branch in Fort Wayne, Indiana home buyers can rest assured they'll pay some of the lowest closing costs in the country. Here's a look at the numbers. The average closing costs (which include things like a title fee and origination fee) for a $200,000 home run a little over $4,000. Last year that figure was a little over $3,700 - an 8% jump. But in Indiana, the average closing costs total about $3,400.

The Best Home Loan Should Not Put You in the Poor House

You should not go broke buying a home. In fact, the best home loan should not put you in the poor house. The best home loan should also help you afford more than a shack.  

5 Spring Lawn Care Tips for the First Home

It's your first home, and your first spring after a long winter. Are you ready for what it takes to end up with a lush, green lawn? One you walk around in with your bare feet, enjoying your very own home and yard for the first time? These 5 tips for for spring lawn care will help get you on the right track, on a level playing field with your neighbors.

5 Way to Fund Closing Costs

Closing costs can include things like a mortgage loan down payment, appraisal fees, an origination fee and/or processing fees. These are the funds you as the home buyer will need at the closing table. Cash-to-close fees may also be paid at the time of closing, and would include things like homeowners insurance and property taxes, also called your escrow account.

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