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So an Appraiser Hits Your Dream Home with Repairs - Now What?

Home appraisals can be one of those things home buyers get tripped up about during the buying process. In fact, we've talked about home appraisals and why they're needed before. The fact is, they're good for buyers, sellers and everyone involved. But they can also be frustrating when an appraisal comes back with required repairs.

12 Home Furnishings for a First Time Home Buyer

Before you get your first home mortgage, make sure you have at least some of the furnishings. Apartment living so often means having borrowed furniture or garage sale specials.   Your first house may have the same feel, but at least it will be yours!

3 Complications When Buying a Foreclosed Home

Buying a foreclosed home can come with a unique set of challenges. We're not trying to scare you off from your decision to buy a foreclosure. However, we do want to prepare you for some of the issues you may face, the solutions available and the information needed to help you decide whether this purchase is worth it in the end.   

Buying Foreclosed Homes: How to Simplify a Complicated Process

Foreclosures are down in 2013 compared to the last 5 years or so. However, foreclosed homes continue to exist and home buyers still find them in the housing market for sale. Since these properties often come at a price significantly lower than occupied homes for sale, a lot of home buyers consider them “good deals.” 

DIY Home Decor: New Use for Old Doorknobs

Take old things and make them new. It's a great way to decorate your house.

Mortgage Questions: How Can I Reduce My Escrow Payment?

We get a lot of mortgage questions. Some of the questions come from buyers before they actually get a house and a mortgage. Other questions come from homeowners who already have a loan and need something answered to make the home ownership situation more clear. Both situations prove helpful to prospective home buyers, and we wanted to address one question that may help you decide whether you can afford to buy a house. It also will help current homeowners in a similar situation.

5 Factors That Influence Your Closing Costs

How much can I expect to pay in closing costs? That's a common question, and a good one, especially from first-time homebuyers. Closing costs are fees that you pay to get a mortgage. These can include appraisal, title services, credit report, attorney and underwriting fees. Closing costs typically run between two and five percent of your purchase price.

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