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Home Improvement 101: A Great Deck

A great deck can make your house feel like a home you don't want to leave. This is one home improvement that not only adds value, but adds a great feel to your house. Some houses are designed with a deck in mind. Most are not. This deck design here is obviously an add-on, and it's a beautiful addition.

3 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas You Have to Bookmark

It's the first place you go in the morning, and it's probably the last place you go before heading to sleep -- it's your beloved bathroom. It is a place that needs to both energize and calm. It is a place of frantic rushing and a place of quiet reflection. With all the duties this small room has to fulfill for us, a lot of thought should go into how you want it to look and feel. Just look at the Harley-Davidson themed bathroom design pictured here. That's proof that we want our bathroom to speak for our hobbies and personalities. With the rise in popularity of DIY projects, home improvement and budget renovations, there is a wealth of information and ideas available online. Here are just a few places to peruse the for ideas and inspiration for your bathroom remodeling:

DIY Home Decorating Craft Idea: High Heel Wine Bottle Holder

Love shoes? Love wine? Why not combine the 2 with a high heel shoe wine bottle holder? This DIY home decorating idea struck as the perfect one to share with all the wine experts who love shoes.

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