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Housing Market Friday Update Friday January 30 with AmeriFirst Home Mortgage

Housing Market Friday Update Will the Millennial Generation ever buy homes? Is renting the future of America? What is the real answer to "rent vs buy?" We take a look at this in today's episode of Housing Market Update. Welcome to your Housing Market Update with AmeriFirst Home Mortgage. I’m your host Dan Moyle. Today is Friday, January 30th. This week in housing… an interesting article from “MarketWatch.” The $700,000 mistake nearly 6 in 10 millennials may make. What’s especially interesting about this article, is that it’s not a lender or real estate agent trying to sell Millennials on buying a home. Let’s be honest… We’re all a little guilty of trumpeting the “it’s a great time to buy” song from time to time.

Housing Market Friday Update Friday January 16 with AmeriFirst Home Mortgage

How does the job market affect the housing market? Does housing affect jobs as well? What are we looking forward to in the 2015 housing market? Let's take a look in today's Housing Market Update.

Housing Market Update Friday October 17th with AmeriFirst Home Mortgage

Once upon a time, people used real estate as an investment opportunity. Buying real estate was a stable retirement and wealth-building option. Along came the housing market crash and The Great Recession. People no longer saw housing as an investment. Instead, people rented their living spaces more often, and avoided real estate investing.  Now, the strategy is shifting. the housing market is beginning to look stable, even profitable. At least according to the experts. We cover that in today's video.

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