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Mortgage & First Time Home Buyer Advice... From Unlicensed Children

  From the mouths of babes... Sometimes children can be the best source of wisdom. Their simplicity, their innocence, their funny way of talking...  Our division from the Grand Rapids area, Treadstone Funding, asked some (unlicensed) children for mortgage advice for first time home buyers. Take a look.

6 Reasons You Should Avoid a HomePath Renovation Mortgage [humor] UPDATE

*UPDATE: Fannie Mae has discontinued HomePath Financing. Download our Mortgage Loan Options Guide here, and find out what loan programs are still available to you. Original article: With a ton of home mortgage programs available to home buyers, it's important to know which ones to avoid, and which mortgages are good. For instance, "stated income stated asset" mortgages are one of the programs blamed for much of the mortgage mess the U.S. is dealing with right now. On the flip side, Rural Development loans backed by the USDA offer 100-percent financing (no down payment) and have a lower default rate than loan programs which require a 3-percent down payment. So an RD loan can be a great loan for first time home buyers.

Rent vs Buy: The Awkward Neighbor Syndrome

If you've been in an apartment (or you're living in one now) the chances are very high that you have an odd neighbor. Maybe you even have an awkward neighbor. It's one of the things that makes for a great story someday when you can say, "One time I had this neighbor..." But for now, that awkward or odd neighbor just might be driving you nuts.

How a HomePath Renovation Mortgage is Like Battling Zombies

George Romero was either a genius who could see the future, or a Hollywood type with a ridiculous imagination. Either way, he really did predict the future. Zombies have taken over the world (of cinema). In fact, even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urges you to be prepared for a zombie apocalypse.

5 Things Sesame Street Taught Me About My First Home Mortgage

"Sunny days..." Can you hear the song in your head? Can you hear Cookie Monster tearing through those tasty treats? Can you picture Bert and Ernie talking about pigeons and rubber duckies? Then you're a Sesame Street fan!

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