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First Time Home Buyer Trends: A Millennial’s Perspective

Millennials are often regarded as the generation plagued with a bad case of the “Me, Me, Me’s.” A group wrought with individuals who are too self-involved to stop and consider their neighbor. Are you a Millennial? If so, would you agree with that first statement? Let’s, for a moment, give the people what they want and say that you do. What’s wrong with that? As a first time home buyer, who’s going to be paying your mortgage? You are. That being that case, it goes without saying that when buying your first home, you should absolutely be “You Focused.”

2016 Real Estate Trends: Attitudes among Millennial Home Buyers

Once marked as “the lamest generation” by The Daily Beast because they were too “self absorbed” to consider getting married and starting a family, millennials are finally getting up on their feet and becoming the leading home buyers in U.S. According to National Association of Realtors, those born between 1980 and 1995 represent 30 percent of the total home buyers. Since they comprise such a major part of potential buyers, it is important to meet their needs and desires. The sellers should be aware that updated bathroom fixtures and hardwood floors might have been pleasing for their parents, but millennials want their homes to have some other features too. Here are some of the things that could be decisive for the purchase.

When it Comes to Your First Home, Bigger Isn’t Always Better

The Not So Big House In the “bigger is better” world that we live in, it can sometimes feel like a small house is just not going to help you keep up with appearances. Far from being low-budget knock-offs of the American Dream, a small house can be a very sound investment, especially as your first home.

Understanding the Millennial Homeowners: 6 Imperative Things You Need to Know

The passing of generations has brought immense changes to the real estate market. Gone are the days that people follow this golden rule in life: Finish school, get a job, get married, and then buy a house. Millennials are not so keen on subscribing to this old school way of living, especially the part about buying a home outright. This generation is all about having options and doing things their own way, and it’s something they exercise when it comes to residence. This results to millennials developing a different approach towards home ownership. 

7 Tips for Entertaining in a Small Home

How to Entertain When You're Living Small Even if you live in a small home, you can still throw some kind of party – wine tastings, dinner parties, tapas buffets – the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re entertaining three people or 15, we have 7 helpful tips for making the night more enjoyable and easier on yourself!

Will Millennials Ever Buy Homes?

Much has been written lately about the next generation. After Baby Boomers came Gen-X. then Generation Y snuck in quietly. Now we're looking at possibly the next biggest group in our history, even bigger than the Baby Boomers: Millennials. 

Breaking News: A Millennial Bought a House! [Investing in Housing at 25]

If you believe the hype, the generation that's sitting between 18-30 years old right now is a generation like no other. They're called Millennials, and they're often seen as digital-focused renters with no interest in following the traditional "American Dream" path of home ownership. However, we found a 25 year old man who decided to throw of the shackles of stereotypes. 

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