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Mortgage Interest Rates Up - Is It Still a Good Time to Buy?

You're seen the headlines and heard the chatter around the water cooler - mortgage interest rates have gone up and continue to rise. Is this the end of whatever housing market recovery we were starting to see? Will this be a return to renting for people who were thinking of buying a home? Or is it just a small adjustment in the overall scheme of things? 

Home Buyer Down Payment: The Headlines Say 20 Percent

A lot of media and news outlets are reporting interesting news about the current housing market. One article from the Associated Press says home buyers should really save up for a 20% down payment. The same article puts mortgage pre-approval down on the list of "first steps." The problem is that the article is a bit misleading. Sure, 20% down will work. However, home buyers have some great low down payment options available in today's housing market.

Port Huron Michigan Home Buyers Get Housing Market Update

The east side of Michigan has a great reputation as a manufacturing community. Detroit has lead the way for auto makers for years and years. But did you know other communities over near Michigan's thumb have other reasons for living there?

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