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How Can I Pay My Mortgage with AmeriFirst Home Mortgage?

Posted by Dan Moyle on Sat, Oct 1, 2016

Updated 10/01/16 to include our new Customer Care hours and phone number!

Home buyers with a mortgage loan through AmeriFirst Home Mortgage enjoy several benefits. One of them is local service. AmeriFirst retains servicing of most of its loans. We do not sell servicing to big banks. This means when you close with AmeriFirst Home Mortgage, you pay your mortgage to AmeriFirst. You can call us with questions and talk to the AmeriFirst Customer Care department. They're local, too. No call centers here.

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Which Mortgage Is the Right Mortgage?

Posted by Richard Andre on Mon, Jul 11, 2016

Shockingly enough, there are different types of home loans. The purpose for these is of course to find the one that suits your needs and lifestyle most. Instead of looking at it like “Why are there so many?” or “I can’t tell the difference” it’s better to be receptive and open to having options because we are all different and so our needs are different, too.

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Is a Realtor Really Necessary?

Posted by Richard Andre on Thu, Jul 7, 2016

Before you attempt to answer, I’ll tell you, it’s sort of a trick question. Or rather, it’s worded in a tricky way. Consider this, is an auto mechanic? A dentist? What about a lawyer or sky diving instructor? No, technically, none of those people are really necessary. However, I think we can all agree that we feel safer when we get into our vehicle after it’s been inspected, smile wider after our teeth have been cleaned, and sweat a little less when our lawyer comes prepared and scream out of excitement rather than fear when someone else who knows when, is pulling the cord to release the parachute. So? Why should a REALTOR® be any different? After all, this is their job so why not let them take the wheel?

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Is This Your First Home? Here are 5 Things to Avoid in Your First Year

Posted by Richard Andre on Thu, May 5, 2016

As a first time home buyer; the worst is behind you. That’s the good news! You managed to find the home that meets your needs and fits your budget, maneuvered your way into an acceptable interest rate and survived closing costs. However, you’re not out of the woods yet! Following are a few common mistakes that first time home buyers make in their first year as a home owner.

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What Does 203k Mean in Real Estate?

Posted by Dan Moyle on Mon, Mar 14, 2016

If you've heard the term 203(k), FHA 203k, 203k loan or 203k renovation mortgage, then you're one step ahead of most Americans. This special product offering from HUD for fixing up housing stock has been around since the late 1970s, yet many real estate agents know nothing about it, and the public is in the dark. 

Even if you've heard of the 203k, you may not know much - if anything - about it. That's all okay. We're here to let you know what it means and how it can help home buyers (and even sellers!).

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What Does it Take to Buy a House?

Posted by Dan Moyle on Wed, Feb 3, 2016

Buying a car, setting up an international vacation and planning a wedding are all complicated ventures. Buying a house? That's downright impossible, right? Not so fast.

Home buying is complicated, no doubt. However, with the right road map - or GPS tool - you should be able to manage much of it on your own. Every journey begins with the first step. Where do you start when it comes to buying a home? With preparation, of course.

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During the Mortgage Process, DO This DON'T Do That

Posted by Dan Moyle on Tue, Jan 19, 2016

Big dreams

During the mortgage loan process, a home buyer is doing more than thinking about the home loan. You're living your normal, every day life. You're buying groceries, dealing with car issues, thinking about vacation ... life. You might also be thinking about new furniture or celebrating owning your own home with some kind of fun splurge. Slow down.

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Topics: Mortgage Questions, first time home buyer

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