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Mortgage Questions: Where Can My Down Payment Come From?

Class is in session! It's time answer your mortgage questions. Questions about home loans can come from all kinds of home buyers. Whether it's your first home, or you're looking to upgrade as your family grows, the housing market can be daunting to even the most seasoned buyer. The housing bubble burst of 2007-2009 still has many folks a little gun shy. One mortgage question we hear from folks is "Where can my down payment come from?" 

Does an Attached Garage Add more Value to a Home? 60 Second Mortgage Tip

Does it matter if your home has an attached garage? What if you're looking for your first home and you're not sure what kind of investment you should put into it? 

So an Appraiser Hits Your Dream Home with Repairs - Now What?

Home appraisals can be one of those things home buyers get tripped up about during the buying process. In fact, we've talked about home appraisals and why they're needed before. The fact is, they're good for buyers, sellers and everyone involved. But they can also be frustrating when an appraisal comes back with required repairs.

What Do I Need to Bring to my Mortgage Loan Application and Other First Time Home Buyer Questions

Someone buying their first home will have a lot of questions. We see it time and time again. Sometimes, those questions get answered by family and friends. Other times they're answered by a real estate agent. But when it comes to the financial side of buying a home, asking a mortgage expert might be in your best interest.  We hear a ton of questions about mortgage loans, and this is a big one. Everyone hears that it's a mountain of paperwork to apply for a mortgage. Yes, it takes quite a bit of information, but it's not insurmountable. 

Is it Rural? USDA Rural Development Eligibility

If you've already heard of the zero-down mortgage loan option USDA Rural Development, then you probably know the house must be in a specific area. As we've said here at AmeriFirst before, rural doesn't have to mean farm.

Mortgage Questions: How Can I Reduce My Escrow Payment?

We get a lot of mortgage questions. Some of the questions come from buyers before they actually get a house and a mortgage. Other questions come from homeowners who already have a loan and need something answered to make the home ownership situation more clear. Both situations prove helpful to prospective home buyers, and we wanted to address one question that may help you decide whether you can afford to buy a house. It also will help current homeowners in a similar situation.

Mortgage Questions: Do I Save for a Down Payment or Pay Off Some Bills?

From blog comments to social media posts to emails, we get lots of questions about buying and financing a home. We do our best to answer them privately and publicly, in hopes of helping the person asking but also anyone looking to buy. We recently received the question below:    My wife and I are currently beginning to think about buying our first home. Would it be in our best interest to save for a down payment or pay off some bills before a purchase is attempted? 

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