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What Does it Take to Maintain a Home Each Year?

Life is busy. Kids, work, meals, appointments - the list goes on. And no matter where you live, you also have to spend time keeping your home safe and running smoothly. We've put together a Yearly Homeowner's Checklist, with tasks for each month, to help remind you of common home maintenance chores to make your life just a little bit easier. 

2016: Year Of The Monkey and DIY

2016: Year of the Monkey and DIY Unless you decided to build, even the dreamiest dream house you were able to find is still bound to have imperfections that you’ll want to change and tweak. While some of these modifications will take careful planning and some time to save, some of it can be taken head-on as soon as you’re moved in and settled!

Enhancing the Appeal of Walls in Your New Home with Textured Paint

Have you ever noticed that beige house in middle of your street? Or a gray one near your office? No? Well, that is not your problem – it is a matter of perception and memory. We easily forget buildings painted in bland colors and remember only the vividly painted ones. So, if you want your house to stand out and be noticed by the entire neighborhood, you need to choose an intricate color scheme and, moreover, use textured paint that will make it unforgettable. 

The Only Colors You Need To Use When Repainting Your Home

Giving your home fresh, new paint is one of the easiest ways to give it an entirely new look. Paint is powerful. It can make you feel like you are in a totally different place. It’s like seeing your home for the first time — and of course, you definitely remember how sweet that was.

Smart Storage Solutions for Your New Home

Moving into a new house is always a mixed experience. It produces a feeling of starting a new stage in your life, but it can also be excruciating, especially if you haven't moved for a while. A new block, new neighbors and a completely new home require a period of adaptation. This period will be much easier for you if you deal with your redundant belongings in an efficient way. We have prepared a few tips on how to keep your items neat in your new home.

Celebrate National Homeownership Month This June

Every year since 2002, June 1st kicks of National Homeownership Month. National Homeownership Month actually began as a week-long celebration of homeownership in 1995 by President Bill Clinton. However, in 2002, President George W. Bush proclaimed that the entire month of June be National Homeownership Month, where the goal is to help families achieve the American Dream.

3 Hints on Choosing a Perfect Shade Solution for Your New Garden

Nature has been known for its relaxing qualities for a long time, as a place where people can leave behind everyday problems and enjoy tranquility and clarity. Living in a city, or any other urban area, doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to renounce these pleasant moments, or even travel any distance to visit a park. Your garden can be your very own part of Paradise where you will find shelter whenever you need one. And what would be any Garden of Eden without large shade to protect you from the heat and sunburns? Since the summer is heading our way, here are some proposals for your ideal shade solutions.

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