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When it Comes to Your First Home, Bigger Isn’t Always Better

The Not So Big House In the “bigger is better” world that we live in, it can sometimes feel like a small house is just not going to help you keep up with appearances. Far from being low-budget knock-offs of the American Dream, a small house can be a very sound investment, especially as your first home.

8 Tips for Buying Furniture for a Small House

Living Simply in Small Places Whether you’re looking to buy a small house as your first home, or your downsizing to something smaller, it can seem daunting to either find furniture for your smaller home, or fit what you already have inside! Here are 8 tips and tricks for creating space, fitting your stuff, or buying new. 1. Use Small Scale Furniture. It seems obvious, but choose furniture that is scaled to your space. A gigantic sectional sofa may not make sense for a 650 square foot studio apartment. Instead try for a smaller scale sofa that doesn’t have wide arms that take up more valuable space. Keeping your furniture smaller scale will keep the room from being over cluttered and non-functional.

7 Tips for Entertaining in a Small Home

How to Entertain When You're Living Small Even if you live in a small home, you can still throw some kind of party – wine tastings, dinner parties, tapas buffets – the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re entertaining three people or 15, we have 7 helpful tips for making the night more enjoyable and easier on yourself!

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