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5 Spring Lawn Care Tips for your First Home

It's your first home, and your first spring after a long winter. Are you ready to put in the effort it takes to have a lush, green lawn? One that you can walk around in with your bare feet, throw a ball to the dog, or sit back and relax with friends? These 5 tips for spring lawn care will help get you on the right track and make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

Does an Attached Garage Add more Value to a Home? 60 Second Mortgage Tip

Does it matter if your home has an attached garage? What if you're looking for your first home and you're not sure what kind of investment you should put into it? 

How to Add a Second Story to Your Lake House: DIY Home Improvements

What started as a second home on a lake to "get away from it all," began to become a true home for one family. Time on the lake began to become part of their everyday life, and they didn't want to leave the lake cottage once winter began to creep in. But the problems with a lake house as a permanent, year-round home like space and winterization kept them from turning the lake house into home.   

What is a Renovation Mortgage Loan?

If you could design your Dream Home, what would it look like?  

Unfinished Basement? No Garage? FHA 203k Renovation Loan to the Rescue!

As a home buyer sometimes you’ll find a house that’s missing a key component that every other house in the neighborhood has in this case a garage, but it doesn’t have to make you overlook this house in fact it can actually help you take this house and turn it into a home with a renovation mortgage.

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